Senate inquiry on sex video scandal: Out of direction, out of focus

Unless the Philippine Senate is a barber shop, the good senators should stop at once wading through the Hayden Kho – Katrina Halili sex video scandal.

On Thursday (May 28, 2009) a Senate committee led by Sen. Jamby Madrigal had an inquiry on the sex video scandal. This is after Senator Ramon Revilla Jr. delivered a privilege speech describing Dr. Hayden Kho as “a maniac, pervert of the highest kind, a predator who has no conscience nor respect for women.”

As expected Senators Ramon Revilla Jr., Jinggoy Estrada were present. These Senators, along with Jamby Madrigal are known to get into the center stage on issues with cinematic effect.

I was not surprised when Sen. Jinggoy Estrada and the committee insisted that the senate hearing must be publicly done. Lawyer of Dr. Hayden Kho appeal for a private (closed-door meeting). Of course the three senators who are all desperate to get close-up on camera will not allow to loss an opportunity to appear on national television.

As expected the Senate hearing was very dramatic and hilarious. It was so obvious that it was misdirected, out of focus. I doubt the hearing bear any fruit on the next few days.

Like with previous senate inquiry, this inquiry on the sex video scandal of Halili and Kho is just another waste of Senator’s time and waste of people’s money. It was a gross betrayal of people’s trust who elected senators to legislate not to investigate.

A good friend insisted that the Senate needs investigation to aid legislation. Is there really a need? As far as I can remember, there were already similar investigation done in the past. Were those not enough?

If there is really a need, why do the Madrigal committee need to personally conduct the investigation when National Bureau of Investigation can effectively do it? The senators who will be drafting law will call the NBI. That way, there is a clear direction.

Besides, there are already laws that might be applied to Kho and Halili case. Let the court decide, then let the legislators learn then act when necessary – amend or enact new law.

My stand is clear, there is no point for the Senate to spend much time and resources on issue that is good only in coffee shop, beauty parlor, and barbershop.

As if the senators just hear the word scandal. As if they don’t know the hundreds of video scandal involving Filipinos available for download on internet. As if, this is new.

What makes this issue spicy is the involvement of celebrity. Period. But will Madrigal, Estrada and Revilla get interested on the sex video of an unknown teens from (place withheld) which is spreading for more than a year now? I doubt.

I appeal to the Philippine Senate, stop this senseless investigation at once. (I am not lecturing you, but I am reminding your accountability.) Then go and proceed to plenary, review our national economic policies, study the direction of the country and see how our laws will respond to the changes of time.

Please don’t make the senate a dirty barbershop!

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Blog authored by batang buotan: (Link opens in new window)

20 thoughts on “Senate inquiry on sex video scandal: Out of direction, out of focus

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  2. this has turned into a circus. how sad our life is as filipinos. our politicians have nothing better to do especially those who came from the movie industry. i do agree with Dr Kho’s lawyer to make the enquiry private, enough of this crap. can’t we spend the public fund on something else, maybe build bridges or roads in far flung areas. sort out the problems in Mindanao. Katrina has brought this to herself, after this I bet you she will get loads movie deals or even have her life story turned into a movie. and what the hell were those senators were doing spending a days work dealing with this crap…. let’s focus on something else. let hayden’s and katrina’s lawyers settle this issue in court rather than in the senate.

  3. ha ha ha. I watch the news last night and i know it will not pass on your attention without a post. The hearing is inconsistency on procedures and objective. Its like a showbiz in the senate. And the senate like it for they even invited the press inside…..

    Its election time and that’s our Politicians.

  4. If Senators like Madrigal, Revilla, and Estrada, intend to protect the privacy and right of Halili, why not make the Senate inquiry public? As if Madrigal is hosting a cockfight. Hilarious! A waste of time and money!

  5. I have not seen wrong with Dr. Hayden. Wala siyang kasalanan kasi their acts between him and Katrina is considered an act of two consentng adults. I really believe on the statement of Dr. Kho. He could have been liable if he is the one who spread the videos. Bakit!!! Kasalanan ba ni Hayden na maging guwapo.

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  7. senators revilla, estrada and madrigal just doing their part in the senate.

    they make it public so that filipinos may know what was happening in the hearing. they let us know coz we are part of it!

    we are also the one who will judge

  8. hayden kho should be punished!

    he is a cheater, he set a camera without the girls consent.

    the girls are not aware that there is a camera!
    the only mistake they did is that THEY LOVED HAYDEN!
    pls respect all the FILIPINAS…!!!!

  9. I insist that Madigal, Estrada and Revilla, overdid everything. Actually, these Senators don’t need to investigate. Why not leave everything to NBI? or court? These senators do not do their part as senator, they do it to get more attention. How pity they are!

  10. @philippine eagle: I respect women because my sisters and mother are women but I insist that women must also establish self respect before demanding any respect. We respect decent women but should we kill other men because they don’t respect rude and flirting women? Katrina was not raped here. Not only Kho but also Katrina must be punished on the mess they cause to all of us.

  11. @batang buotan: phil eagle was right. rude or flirting women shud be also respect,dont judge them. yes katrina was not raped but what hayden did is not ryt. katrina serves as the voice of women nowadays.

  12. the hearing was a shame–definitely a waste of time and money. It clerly showed how incompetent Jingoy estrada and bong revilla as senators. I felt sorry for Hayden Kho. He’s remorseful with what he did but still people won’t leave him alone. As if he is the worst person in the world–give me a break! di ba si bong revilla womanizer din–I am not sure but I thought I heard chismis about him cheating on his (boring) wife. how about his(bong revilla’s) dad? di ba ganon din sya–and now he’s acting like he is a protector of women’s right? what aboout jinggoy(and x president erap). gosh–ang ipokrito naman nila—oh well, good luck sa acting nila–coz I’m not buying it and I’m sure a lot of people see that we should not trust this senators–bumalik na lang sila sa showbiz–baka manalo pa sila ng awards—these are just my opinion.

  13. @ellen: well said. I think these senators, Jamby, Jinggoy, Bong deserve to get nominated to Star Awards for best talk show host. And of course the senate can be nominated as best showbiz-oriented show.

    I don’t trust these senators anymore. I want them to step down if they wish to uplift the senate as pillar of our democracy.


  14. ang kaso ni hayden kho dito not the senators life, kung nagkamali man cla noon i think natuto naman na cla.
    let’s just put things into the right place, hndi ung sinisisi pa ntin ang mga senator.

  15. @blue berry: I wish to make it clear that the senators are not blamed here. We are just disappointed, disgusted, the way senators give importance to this issue. While I am not saying that this is a trivial issue but my point is – investigating Kho-Halili sexual video is not a BIG responsibility of the Senate. There are proper agency that are tasked to do that.

    I insist, Jamby must stop it at once. Jamby must work for the Filipino people, not just to get extra mileage in media.

  16. @siyetehan: I beg to disagree. I already stand that the senate inquiry on sex video scandal is a waste of time and money, out of focus, senseless; before the talk about conass surface. Okay, the Senate has business on ConAss but again, they are just wasting time on getting-to-know-the-details of sex video scandal.

  17. I totally agree on this article. There are a lot of things to look into right now. Important things, rather than wasting time on this Hayden-Katrina issue.

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