Sen. Jamby Madrigal’s unparliamentary language and disorderly behavior

Cavite Rep. Gilbert Remulla is right in filing complaints to Senate ethics committee against Senator Ma. Ana Consuelo Madrigal.

On May 8, 2009, Sen. Jamby Madrigal told in a TV interview that Remulla is “corruption king of Cavite.” It was so disgusting to hear a Senator saying inappropriate language like Jamby’s. Even Senators are liable of uttering malicious and highly inappropriate language. The remarks of Jamby further destroy the already tinted reputation of the Senate.

The Senate ethics committee must seriously look into this issue as it equally give weight on complaints against Sen. Manny Villar. Both Villar and Madrigal have accountability to the Filipino nation.

What happen to some Philippine senators?

More than a year ago I asked the same question, what happen to some Philippine senators?

I wrote my disappointment when Sen. Jamby Madrigal cried on national television after her bladed exchanges of words to Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile.

In another episode, Sen. Madrigal walked out from Sen. Pia Cayetano’s committee hearing. And recently, Jamby Madrigal and Pia Cayetano got another round of senseless exchanges of bladed words when Madrigal asked that Cayetano must be arrested.

It is not only Villar, Madrigal, and Cayetano that caught my attention. There is Sen. Mar Roxas who in public gathering cried a very disgusting word. Besides, many Senators are becoming product endorsers to which I wrote:

What the senator-product endorsers need is GOOD TASTE because their ads are done in BAD TASTE. The chamber is not a venue of carnivals as the Temple not a venue for vices!

I think the new question must be, what happen to Filipino voters? The Filipino voted for Madrigal because a popular actress Judy Ann Santos endorse her. The Filipino people voted for all Senators who after all, more concerned of their political agenda than taking a role in transformation of our society through responsible legislation.

Sen. Jamby Madrigal did an ethical misconduct. In a statement, Rep. Remulla is right in saying:

As a senator, it is expected of Jamby Madrigal to be a living example of being a statesperson. But given her penchant for ‘gutter speak’ to score media mileage, she has maligned the long list of statesmen and women who have graced the Senate. In fact, she has maligned the Senate itself as an institution.

Reports said that Madrigal insisted that the complaint was meant to harass her but she still welcomes it and will submit herself to the ethics committee. And added that, (it’s) unfortunate that Gilbert Remulla is allowing himself to be used by (Manny) Villar.

I don’t think Remulla is being used by Villar in this case. Remulla need to to protect his personal rights and Jamby has no right to say baseless accusations to anyone.

The Senate ethics committee must act on this otherwise it continue to prove that the Senate is indeed becoming a dirty flea market where everyone shouts to sell his wares (votes).

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12 thoughts on “Sen. Jamby Madrigal’s unparliamentary language and disorderly behavior

  1. Jamby Madrigal should be mindful of what she’s saying! Saying such things are obviously incorrect especially if you are a senator. She should learn to pick the right words to say. Because of such actions, the perspective of the Filipino people about the government worsens. If she does not want to take care of her name, she should learn to take care of the name of the whole Senate.

  2. This is why I adore Miriam Santiago, her way with language…
    its exciting and “colorful’. Tinitira ka na, nakangiti ka pa hahahaha…

    Well can’t say much about Remulla, notorious ang clan nila sa Cavite (they own the Island Cove Resort at well known political family sila) but i do agree that certain senators, being trying hard maka-masa poofheads, should just avoid talking to the media altogether and focus on their legislative mandates instead.

    the media sensationalizes everything, politicians want free press in any form.

  3. Sometimes , it hurts to hear somehting bad , but then , the question is ? could this thing help to change the culture of our people ?
    Whoever you are in power , politicians and government people ….just remember , we are just borrowing the resources we have now , from our children.. if we steal money from the government..for sure your children will suffer the corrupted and poor government . if you create chaos now ..for sure your children will live in an unpeaceful environment and worst….war .
    You should think of your children and your children’s children..because whatever you will do today, will surely have corresponding consequence to them .
    I’m really sure you love them ,as I do to my children…let’s help together to build a better place for them…

  4. Yeah, we should blame Judy Ann Santos for endorsing Jamby Madrigal, the Senate Bratanella.

    I think celebrities should not only think about money when endorsing candidates. Jamby is a shame for the senate.

  5. Sen. Jamby Madrigal\’s behavior should be corrected. First of all, this shows how unprofessional she is. She could have done it in a professional way since she is part of the congress.

  6. ang sino man na manlait at magsalita ng masama laban sa kanyang kapwa ay mas masahol pa mabahong isda.mahirap ang puro satsat ng wala ka manlang ebidensiya sa mga pinagsasasabi mo. puro pagtalak na wala namang katuturan. imbes na magtrabaho ng husto para pagsilbihan ang taong bayan eh puro paninira ang inaatupag. yan po ang opinyon ko kay jamby madrigal. sayang ka juday at nagpagamit ka. sayang ang boto ng mamamayang Pilipino.

  7. Manny Villar is intercede to our property we’ve taken from Pres. Marcos and we filed charges against Marcoses after we get this because we have strong link and relatives to Land Registration Authority but now Villar never gave his promise of Php 100, 000, 000 road tax to us he’d personally taken and saved from C-5 Road.

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