Erap back to the Palace?

Former President Joseph “Erap” Estrada eat his words. He told the nation that he will not seek elective position again. He assured that his participation in politics is meant to unite to opposition. However, he threaten to run if the opposition failed to unite.

Now, Erap is positioning himself for 2010. And he and his cohorts are determined that he will get back to Malacañang.

While other presidential aspirants spend millions for their radio and TV infomercial and spend a lot of time politicking to get media mileage, Erap follow a different trail. Erap goes to countryside through his ‘lakbay pasasalamat’.

Lakbay pasasalamat is not just an act of gratitude but an obvious early political campaign. Recently in Cebu, Erap even started to endorse candidates.

Indicators are clear. Erap will run in presidential battle in 2010. Earlier, I wrote that Erap can aspire but cannot run. I still stand on that. But the question if Erap can run or not will still be subject to long legal battle. No one can foretell what the opinion of Supreme Court on this.

But why does Erap still believe that he will win? Erap is undeniably still has the ‘masa’ support. He has still the same aura as before. Erap’s lakbay pasasalamat can attest on that. Besides, Filipinos have short-term memories. Who care if Erap was convicted of plunder? Who cares how Estrada grilled and almost topple down national economy? Who cares of Erap’s Boracay mansion and other unexplained wealth?

Erap knows well how to play his game. In Cebu, he even promised that he will make Naga (Cebu) a city again once he is elected as president. Naga in Cebu, along with 16 other cities in the Philippines, was reverted back to town. Erap did his classic move.

Erap knows how to exploit, Filipino’s weakness to celebrities like him. Erap knows how to act to win the hearts of ‘masa’.

Erap is not nobody in 2010. Erap has still the money. Erap has still disciples. Erap has still supporters. And because Erap, through his lakbay pasasalamat, gradually lubricate his political machinery at the grassroots level, who says Erap is a senseless material for president.

Erap is inching back to the palace.

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5 thoughts on “Erap back to the Palace?

  1. You will see the likes of Joseph Estrada as long as many Pilipinos are poor,
    miseducated and misinformed.Joseph E. is not the only problem.

    What can you do?

  2. I like Erap as an actor.I watched many of his movies when I was a child.
    The most memorable to me was Kumander Alibasbas wherein Erap played the role of a Peasant Leader who resorted to armed struggle to end oppression and bondage from the evil landlords.The ending was tragic because Kumander Alibasbas was killed and beheaded by his assailants.

    A coincindence and paradox…not literally but President Arroyo (then VP)
    beheaded Erap as President in a sort of People Power II because of Erap’s oppressive and corrupt leadership.

    Since then it seems they have reconciled politically….they can start a movie project together.I still like Erap as an actor not as President.

    Remember Erap’s slogan ? “Erap para sa mahihirap.” The reversed happened.
    Erap as a President, “Si Erap kasi, Mahihirap lalong naghihirap.”

    emailme at

  3. When he was in the Palace he played the role of a King.Kurakot King ? He was accused and jailed for plundering the Philippines.What about those gambling operations ? The poor are the loser if he wins the next presidential election or support another president “who will be_______?”.

    Donot underestimate the power of Erap’s hidden wealth….not his money but acting skill.A lot of poor and innocent peace loving Pilipinos still admires him.

    Caveat: “Customer Beware”

  4. Erap is a bitter man.
    Not all of the nation’s woes can be solved by people who are in the government/politics.
    Sometimes its just better to sit by the sidelines overlooking the fray so one gets to see the whole picture and not be tainted with the dirt of politics.

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