Noynoy and the Aquino fever

I never imagined that Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III will be included in the long list of ‘presidentiables’ – not until the death and burial of former president Cory Aquino.

It’s magic! Or isn’t it fate? The silent senator Nonoy is now dragged to Malacanang by his supporters obviously to take advantage of “Cory and Ninoy magic”

Is there really magic? The number of people who went to the wake of former president Cory and those who were in funeral procession symphatized the family. It was never meant all those people will vote.

But in the Philippines, it is true that sympathy is turned to votes.

The clamor for Noynoy only show that we don’t reach yet political maturity. We always make and bend trends and selection of leader is not based on competence.

I am not saying that Nonoy is not competent. But I insist that his being Aquino alone is not enough. Noynoy still need to prove himself. He should stand on his own feet.

Noynoy is not yet ready. I feel better if he continues to serve as senator and learn how to be humble and smart.

I hope the Aquino family and Noynoy listen to their hearts, not to clamor.

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3 thoughts on “Noynoy and the Aquino fever

  1. look at the candidates, Mar Roxas, Erap, Loren Legarda, Chiz weez, my gulay !!! haven’t we had enough of this characters? You can see the greediness in their eyes ! and clearly… the reason why they will run for the presidency is because of personal ambitions. Lalong lalo na si Mar Roxas and Chiz wiz !!! mga ambisyoso pa talaga.

    Noynoy is coming in very fresh, with a potential to lead this nation. If he will run for Presidency, his nearest rival will be Manny Villar whom initially i will support… but if Noynoy will run… i might have to re think again.

    If Liberal Party will take Mar as it’s standard bearer, forget it! it’s a sure win for Manny Villar! But if Liberal will endorse Noynoy, then we have a good fight ! Can you imagine Mar Roxas as our President with Korina as the First Lady ? NIGHTMARE !!!

  2. Do we really need “fresh personalities” that could not even control the worsening situation in his own backyard (i.e. Hacienda Luisita)? Wake up and smell the coffee. Rather, open your eyes and go to the hacienda for a little education on the plight of the workers there. We need someone that could present us an iron clad reform to address the Philippines’ present issues. Can you say that he understands poverty if he looks at the Luisita case “in a business point of view and not because he recognized that the agri-workers who developed it for half a century and more, legitimately owned it?”

    Think again.

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