Upclose: Chairman Bayani Fernando

I have decided to run, declared Chairman Bayani Fernando when asked if he consider to run as president in 2010. Fernando recently visited Cebu and spent a fraction of his time meeting some Cebu bloggers, and student writers and leaders. I got the opportunity to see him upclose.

If his party, Lakas-Kampi CMD will endorse an outsider (Noli de Castro) or a newcomer (Sec. Gilbert Teodoro), will he still pursue his plan? Bayani expressed with confidence his faith that he will get his party’s support. His answer was straightforward. There was no implication that he will leave Lakas-Kampi CMD and form another party like what former President Ramos did.

Ironically, on the same day he shared to us his faith on his party’s support, Malacanang announced that the President expressed her confidence that Noli de Castro would become a good president. President Arroyo is the chairperson of Lakas-Kampi CMD. Her statement was taken as strong sign that Lakas Kampi will soon adopt and endorse Noli de Castro.

Bayani Fernando is serious on his plan to become the next president. His close supporters are now working hard to prepare for that. In fact, he was introduced to us as the next president of the Republic of the Philippines. And why not? Bayani Fernando has proven track record as former mayor of Marikina and as MMDA Chairman. To sum it all, Bayani has proven track record, credentials, competence and integrity – the traits we need for a president.

However, Bayani performs poorly in surveys – too far from Noli de Castro and a little better than Sec. Gilbert Teodoro.

Chairman Bayani was soft spoken. And unlike other presidential aspirants, he did not boast his plan for reforms and changes on government structure. Instead, he presented his vision to implement what we have (our laws) and to instill productivity and discipline. He had done this in Marikina and in MMDA.

I have not known much about Bayani except when he is on news when illegal structures are demolished and illegal vendors pushed. I remember him with his men giving deodorants to drivers.

More than traffic and deodorants, Bayani had accomplished many things. His political will is admirable. I think we need political will to make our nation great again.

It will take some time before majority of us to believe Bayani’s ways. Most Filipinos prefer leader who bend rules to accommodate feelings.

In a local news, reporter asked some Cebuanos if they know Bayani Fernado. Some of them said, they don’t. Again it will take time for Fernando and his team to introduce him and what he did and what he had done.

But like other presidential aspirants, Fernndo is pouring his efforts to get close to grassroots level. To have online presence, he has also his website, BayaniFernando.com.Ph. At least this help boost his popularity. I don’t know how popular his website is but it has already been noted because of the interactive game. I have not tried it though.

Unless team Bayani triple its efforts, Bayani will just be associated to traffic – his accomplishments never known.

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5 thoughts on “Upclose: Chairman Bayani Fernando

  1. clarence,

    just because estricto si Bayani, martial dayon ang gawas?

    Did Bayani need martial law in order to make Marikina what it is today?

    Ang problema man gud sa daghan sa mga Pinoy karon ka’y dili kasabot kon unsa man g’yud ang importante sa gobierno… Importante ba nga democratic o datu ang nasod?

    Sa panahon ni Marcos, wala man mangontra ang mga tawo tungod sa iyang martial law. In fact, during the first 2 to 3 years, arang-arang man ang tanan. Ang mga tawo, ganahan hinuon nga wala’y samok.

    But on the 4th year, Marcos slowly started losing control of the economy kay tungod nga ang loans nga iyang gi-hulam from abroad wala niya gi-tarong og invest. Instead, iyang gipanghatag sa iyang mga cronies.

    Ang tuyo niya was for the cronies to use the cash to develop different economic sectors. But instead, the cronies were using the money for overseas vacations, buying beach houses, Benzes, luxuries, and golf shares. And the problem is that Marcos did not scold them for it. Iyang gipasagdan.

    Fast forward to 1983, grabe na ang economic problems at that time. Wala magbayad og utang si Marcos sa mga foreign banks, so the IMF/World Bank penalized the Philippines resulting in currency devaluation. That’s what made Ninoy want to come back. Plus everyone knew nga terminally ill si Marcos at the time.

    In fact, that is the ultimate reason nga gitangtang si Marcos. Kay he was physically incapable of running government kay sigi man siya mahilantan, always bedridden, sigi’g dialysis.

    Wala na siyay oras moatiman sa economiya. That’s why the economy went down and that’s why there was discontent.

    People were not discontented with Marcos because of Martial Law. Martial Law is just an added “reason”, but the real reason is because Marcos fucked up the economy.

    So, don’t think nga problema if Bayani becomes Prez.

    Firstly, it doesn’t mean he will declare Martial Law. Secondly, if he does declare Martial Law, so what? Ang Importante is that he delivers on the economy and if Martial Law allows him to achieve faster results, then people will love him for it.

    Marcos? He fucked up the economy so now everything he did (including Martial Law) is considered wrong.

  2. Bayani is very deserving to become a president. Why? tungod kay d siya TRAPO(traditional politicians) sama sa uban politicians o presidential aspirants. He has also the cleanest track record and a monicker of “Mr. Governance” because of what he did to Marikina before typhoon Ondoy. Ang 4th class municipality nahimo niyang Philippine model city and was accorded 55 citations. Basta daghan pa….ACtions speaks louder than words. Dili puro media exposure kay nag pa pogi points way agi… kahibaw ko kitang mga bisaya mau mopili. Lets help bayani kung modagan siya pagkapresidente.

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