Who is not afraid of President Gloria Arroyo?

President Gloria Arroyo’s continued silence on her plans in 2010 annoys the opposition. The president’s silence has become a threat. Her detractors and the opposition keep on guessing. Will she step down when her term ends? Will she extend her term? Will she run for congress?

All these remain as unanswered questions unless GMA herself reveal her plans in 2010. Although when she tell us her plans, most will still doubt it. After all, do we still believe her? Then, telling us or not telling us doesn’t make sense at all.

No less than former President Fidel Ramos asked President Arroyo to reveal her plans in 2010. (See Philippine Star report.)

It is amazing how political leaders (many of them) are dying to know the plans of the President. In normal conditions we don’t need to beg the President to reveal her plans because no matter what, the Constitution provides that her term ends in 2010. But why do we speculate?

Obviously, most opposition leaders are afraid of Arroyo’s silence. Most of them are afraid of Arroyo. For many times, the President has proven her strength, her effective political and leadership strategies.These are among the reasons many want her out from her office. We don’t like a very smart and tricky president. The political trauma we have endured led us to hate the presidents. Whoever the president is, we always want him out. After 2010, expect the clamor to oust the president.

President Arroyo’s way is threatening. Her enemies keep on guessing. In war, that make one victorious because enemies don’t know what to do. Because no one can read Gloria Arroyo’s mind, she pose as a big threat – something that should be afraid of.

Gloria’s political tricks are indeed effective. The president knows well where she stands; she perfects her ways to know whom she leans on; she smartly knows how to play her game. Such image of the President is threatening. And such reminds us of an era in our nation’s political history.

We are still fresh to the trauma of having a smart and tricky President. The trauma leads many to unfounded fears. It make us speculate wildly.

Just imagine a teacher who feel threatened by a very smart student. Are you afraid of Gloria Arroyo?

As consolation, remember that her power comes from you.

Blog authored by batang buotan: (Link opens in new window)

5 thoughts on “Who is not afraid of President Gloria Arroyo?

  1. As a foreigner looking from the outside i can see the problems facing the Philippine people, but in many ways they are there own worst enemies, Over population feeds the rich because you are giving them cheep labour you are breeding poverty. Then there is the corruption ,poverty also breeds corruption low wages put people in a position where they are looking for the extra peso to enable them to buy more rice. Then you have the corruption of the already well off this is greed and nothing or very little is done to stop it, that’s because those at the top of the tree are too busy being greedy themselves.Every government is corrupt but obviously to different degrees ,the Philippines is an exception it is corrupt from the top right down to the barangay captains greedy people who just think of themselves and threaten those that oppose them. The poor are afraid to speak out but the day will come when they have to people of the Philippines stand up and let your voices be heard
    don’t be afraid cause you will be on the right side the winning side the side that will make things better for your children.

  2. she is a very clever lady we must give credit where credit is due,but she is also full of her own self importance. why does she need units of the army to frighten people who speak up against her.why does she allow corruption to continue unabated,why does her and her husbands name seem to get mentioned in corruption claims , as the saying goes no smoke without fire.she has to go.

  3. what makes every politician afraid of HER is that they know very well, and it’s a fact, that she has done so much for this country. love her or hate her we cannot discredit her significant contribution to our country. people are not blind but it’s the media who covers the truth. who are we to say that this or that politician is clean? how do we know? where do we base it? is it from his/her pretentious advocacy that he/she will fight corruption? that because he/she is making a lot of promises against poverty? or that he/she is effectively (or ignorantly) contradicting a what is supposedly a bad (which is actually good) idea of another politician? c’mon, let’s be educated by our own intelligence and not from what we read on the news, and from what we hear and see on TV. honestly, i can only believe 2% of what the media are telling us.

  4. i agree with shie. i can only believe 2% of what the media is showing us. the media is also scared of gma. everyone is scared of her wits. they are afraid gma is going to declare martial like marcos did. they are afraid of her power.

  5. What I believe is that she is smart and cunning .. but she only uses it for her own. What I know also is that she’s the most corrupt President I’ve known.. She does’nt love her people .. only those who support her. She always says economy is good, but the fact is .. its only good for Rich peoples.. Last, shes not human, coz she has no heart .. maybe a robot ..

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