A glimpse at AboitizLand communities

During the first One Cebu Business Summit, businessmen highlighted Cebu’s resiliency in coping with recent global financial crisis.

Cebu is slightly affected to global financial crisis. But to some, Cebu has never felt it. Without figures at hand, one can just go sight-seeing all over Cebu and he will see how bullish construction and real estate developments are. Except for retrenchment of few export-oriented companies, Cebu’s economy remain strong and post continuous growth. Real estate developers continue to build condominiums, BPO buildings, houses. The demand of commercial spaces continue to escalate and the sales of properties remain high – a strong indicator of healthy economy.

The booming real estate development in Cebu is indeed a reason for us to get excited and be more optimistic!

Recently, AboitizLand invited members of Cebu Bloggers Society (CBS) for a one-day tour to AboitizLand communities. AbotizLand development projects span from industrial, residential, commercial, to sports and leisure.

Our itinerary includes Molave Highlands, Mahogany Grove, and North Town. I noticed there was one thing these communities have in common – the greens and serene environment.

Aside from adequate water supply, security, provisions for telephone and cable lines, one thing I always look for is the space allocated for people. I always ask for pathways lined with trees where residents can enjoy leisure walking. These are my parameters of a livable community.

Perhaps the most adoring AboitizLand community is the North Town. I can’t help but fall in love with the serenity of the North Town and the refreshing greens where homes majestically set. Although I felt in love with North Town, I was stunned with Kishanta, a Zen inspired community in Southern part of Cebu. Kishanta’s development is in progress.

Kishanta, for me, is a perfect place to nurture my creativity and a good place to start a family. Why not? Kishanta is overlooking the Cebu Metropolis. The view is so stunning! The serenity and the breeze are nourishing. I consider Kishanta as the perfect community for those who loves cozy stuff, and those who appreciate privacy and closeness to nature yet cannot resists the temptation of having  little adventures in life.

AboitizLand, a young yet and one of the fastest growing developer in Cebu,understands the challenges of urban living. The Persimmon project (in Mabolo), a four-tower condominium with commercial strip is under development. The greatest advantage of The Persimmon is closeness to Cebu Business Park, and the North Reclamation area.

The Persimmon, according to AboitizLand’s very accommodating marketing and sales staff, appeals to young professionals and those who love to the face-paced yet cozy urban lifestyle.

In Mactan, right infront of Mactan Export Zone II (MEZ II), AboitizLand currently develop a complex similar to a town center called Pueblo Verde. It is envisioned to perfectly blend modern offices, retail, dining, and service facilities. We took a chance to have sneak preview to the 5-story business process outsourcing (BPO) building which is now having finishing touches.

Soon, employees of MEZ II (estimated to reach more than 18,000) as well as neighboring communities will take pride of being close to a office and commercial complex well suited to their lifestyle.

During the trip, AboitizLand’s team not only provides us interesting facts and trivia about each of their project but also allow us to ask questions and even open to our suggestions. It is always heartening to know that a company also know how to listen even in informal settings (not just on highly technical market analysis and studies).

The recent AboitizLand projects tour was not intended to sell but to reach out to communities – a good move that promotes oneness of many communities in Cebu metropolis.

12 thoughts on “A glimpse at AboitizLand communities

  1. and again, you got a nice post!
    hahays.. i really envy this blog Jerry.. i hope you can teach me to post and blog more fluently..ehhehe

  2. Same here. I think our blogs are reflections of our personalities. Jerry’s definitely the very NEAT and very accomplished type. I wanted to lessen my laziness, and become more productive, that is to make more sensible and more relevant articles just like this one. Hehehe.

  3. I really love the way you write your entries. I just noticed that I have you on my blogroll for almost 2 years na. You even commented on my blog before…

    Anyway, keep this up!

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