Rise and fall of narco-communities

The country’s anti-drug czar, no less than President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, must have seen last night’s episode of ABS-CBN’s XXX. Perhaps she might consider getting the services of ABS-CBN’s program researchers and reporters!

The XXX episode narrated how an XXX asset (Does the network pay its asset?), with a secret camera, penetrated to a community of drug sellers, users, and supporters. As I watched, I feel the need to name such community. I think it is best to call it, narco-community!

The same episode also described how people of the entire community connived on selling and marketing drugs. There were guides for those who wish to enter a drug den; some individuals served as guard, trying to check their customer. Some areas are for customer (called as scorers) and one area is restricted to outsiders. It has this sign: Bawal ang scorer.

Shabu was sold like just another kind of commodity; drugs paraphernalia (aluminum foil strips) are sold in sari-sari store. The spy camera caught several men, some women, old and young, who were actively conniving on their narco-community activities. I appeared that they were doing the normal thing.

Narco-communities develop their own narcotics culture!

To make the episode spicy, XXX team went to Cavite police. With close coordination with Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), Cavite police surprised the Imus narco-community! As expected, the police was shocked to what they seen, the mayor was equally surprised!

Really surprising? Or we need to get surprised to dramatize everything?

I don’t think the country’s anti-drug czar will get surprised!

I was not surprised. Why? This is not something new. Narco-communities don’t just thrive in Pasig (remember shabu tiange?) nor in Cavite. Narco-communities exist anywhere!

If our dear anti-drug czar hears this, she must have mobilized all her men to identify and to help eradicate these narco-communities from north to south.

On November 16 to 20, we will observe the Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Week with the theme: Kilos Pamayanan, Druga’y Patuloy Labanan.

Let’s us not wait for a czar to solve a problem which is close to our communities. We should not allow a narco-community to grow nor allow a narco-culture to flourish.

It seems the local officials and authorities are always the last person to know the existence of narco-community in their place. Sounds unbelievable! It seems denial is the best excuse nowadays.

In Imus narco-community, people caught with drugs kept on denying that they are involved with it.

We are on the state of denials. We know something happen but only few does the move.

I think PDEA must learn the craft of journalist in investigation. Does PDEA or PNP or the mayor need to learn how to mobilize a spy like that of XXX? Hilarious! Of course not!

Narco-community  falls when investigated by either ABS-CBN or GMA-7 and other media entities. It rises when no one talk about it!


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