Pinoy Power movement and the preparation of Noynoy’s 2010 battle

Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III  is leveling off Sen. Manuel Villar’s preparation for 2010 presidential election. Noynoy’s is also pacing with his cousin Sec. Gilbert Teodoro’s political machinery’s advantage.

Earlier, Noynoy and his supporters told that they will launch a citizen campaign. This is interpreted as people-funded campaign and anchored on citizen’s volunteerism.

Pinoy Power movement

The national campaign is few months away but Pinoy Power already kicked off its own version of national campaign for Noynoy.

Pinoy Power, as described on its website called Pipol Power, is a movement composed of individuals and cause-oriented groups who have come together to work for the advancement of a wide-sweeping reform agenda for the Philippines. There is no explicit expression of the group’s support to Noynoy’s presidential bid on its website but it’s header speaks for it.

Recently (November 14, 2009), Pinoy Power organized student forum in University of San Carlos (USC) and University of Southern Philippines Foundation (USPF). The group claimed during the forum that all of them are volunteers and that they all share common goals, change and reform.

Noynoy’s sisters

Noynoy’s sister, Pinky Aquino Abellada and her son Miguel graced the event. Pinky gave short talk about his father’s legacy and shared how their family cope with pains and struggles brought by politics especially difficulties they had sustained  during Martial Law until Ninoy’s death. Pinky also answered students’ questions.

The Cebu Bloggers Society, as new media group, was invited to cover Pinoy Power’s Cebu fora. Together with CBS political and general interest bloggers, Kevin, Agnes, Sinjin, Mikyu, and Mark, I get a chance to get up-close to Pinky during the group’s lunch break. She has charm, a blogger observed. I noticed her warm attitude when she talk and her smart answers to questions.

The presence of Cebu’s political figures during the lunch and in the school forum seemed a green light for support to Noynoy.

From a reluctant sister of an initially reluctant presidential contender, Pinky Abellada emerges as Noynoy’s strong ally for Noynoy’s 2010 political battle.

But what motivates her, and the rest of the family, to support Noynoy? It was Noynoy’s showing of his commitment to serve and the call of the people for reform. She remembered the same episode when her mother, late President Corazon Aquino took the courage to run in 1986 Presidential snap elections.

Pinky described Noynoy as a leader close to his constituents. The senator served as Congressman of the 2nd District of Tarlac from 1998 to 2007, Noynoy’s profile in his official website reads. Pinky claimed that her brother also served as fiscalizer in the House of Representatives and now in the Senate.

Critics have opposite claims. Noynoy has not proven his worth as political leader which gives the Filipino people the idea on how he will lead the country if elected.

Noynoy, son of Cory and Ninoy

Before Cory’s death, Noynoy was not even imagined to run as president in 2010. Thus critics’ claim that he just stand behind the shadow of his parents has strong basis. But bloodline cannot be isolated from Noynoy, Pinky’s remarks suggested.

Noynoy’s pre-campaign activities are anchored on Ninoy and Cory’s legacy. Pinoy Power’s activity includes film showing of the life of the late Senator Ninoy Aquino.

Emil Jurado, in his Manila Standard column asked, should we, the voting public, settle for somebody whose only claim to the presidency are his famous parents?

In a recent conference of the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP), Manny Villar told that character and integrity are earned, not inherited Manila Times report reads. It was an obvious punch to Sen. Aquino.

The questions about (Noynoy’s)  track record—or the lack of it, actually—will not go away anytime soon. Manila Standard columnist Jojo Robles concluded.

Next in line

Political mobilization is quite obvious. Election campaign has not yet officially started but various information, lies and truth, are storming us. Will these help us decide whom to vote? For sure, the kind of information we consumed has direct influence to our political decision.

4 thoughts on “Pinoy Power movement and the preparation of Noynoy’s 2010 battle

  1. OT: media na gyud diay ang CBS? hmmm…

    On post: I’d settle for character and integrity compared to knowledge and track record..We had a brilliant leader in Ferdinand Marcos and a supposedly highly educated and decorated president today..Obviously It’s much scarier for someone to be proven smart because he/she might want to out smart us and have some shady projects and dealings.. I am not questioning villar’s roots or his character/integrity..the fact of a matter is he is a businessman and a public cannot have 2 masters to serve at the same for noynoy need more data…ehheeh

  2. @Iggy: We can’t be sure that Noynoy will not protect the interest of their family. Remember how Cory protect their interest in Hacienda Luisita? And remember also Kamag-anak, Inc?

  3. I don’t even know we have Nonoy in the Senate, He appears very weakly compared to his VP (Roxas). And it looks like we have a government full of showbiz personalities. Can’t we have a government that we can be proud of and can be paired with leaders from other countries. You know showbiz people, puro acting… We have to look for other candidates that can unite, inspire, selfless, and can lead us out of poverty and corruption.

  4. I know tha Sen.Noynoy can stand by his foot,@also can handle our country as well.

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