In Maguindanao massacre, the warlords are still alive!

Maguindanao warlords are drinking, feasting, and merrymaking because they have killed and immediately buried more than fifty people in just one morning. As of today, according to Inquirer report, the death toll reach to 57. This worst election-related killing saddened President Gloria Arroyo that she declared November 25 as the national day of mourning. “This is a supreme act of inhumanity that is a blight on our nation.” President Arroyo said in a statement quoted by the same Inquirer report.

Maguindanao massacre shocked the Filipino nation. The whole world is equally shocked because aside from women, 12 journalists were also killed.  “Never in the history of journalism have the news media suffered such a heavy loss of life in one day”, Reporters Without Borders noted.

I wish to add my voice to loud voice condemning the Maguindanao massacre and calling for swift justice.

But three days after the killings, no one was questioned. No one was arrested. Who wants to arrest the untouchables anyway. There are no untouchables, Malacanang told reporters. It seems physical and circumstantial evidences are not yet enough.

The President herself vowed to give justice to the victims. I hope she will.

I won’t label Maguindanao as killing field. Not yet this time. But sooner or later, that part in Mindanao becomes the killing field of warlords in the new century! Unless the President Arroyo mobilizes all her power to destroy the armed groups controlled by few families.

We lost 57 lives (and still counting) in Maguindanao massacre and we meet the warlords who still wield power.

By the way, who are the warlords? I think Commission on Human Rights chairwoman, Leila De Lima, can point them. I feel President Gloria Arroyo knows them.

6 thoughts on “In Maguindanao massacre, the warlords are still alive!

  1. The clamor for power keeps on igniting the ego of those who are already in the position. The number of years alloted for these people have been enough to prove themselves but they still crave to embrace the wealth of the nation (if there is something else left). If the issue here is the service to the Filipino people, that can still be extended despite the lack of power. If Efren Peñaflorida who does not have the resources was able to serve the community, how much more for those who can afford to spend millions out of the county? Everyone is bound to serve the country and our fellowmen and we are not supposed to be dumped in any indebtedness. The Philippines has been known to be a rich place with its bountiful natural resources and undiscovered genius citizens. Then, why not use this intelligence to uplift everybody’s lives instead of finding ways on how to fill our pockets with whatever might fill it. We were freed from the colonizers and it would be so ludicrous to be colonized by conceited fellowmen. Let us all work for a better change! It’s never too late.

  2. It was a shameful thing that we are watch around the globe in regards on how cruel Filipinos are. Press are being killed and innocent civilians too. I agreed about the 2nd comment in regards with Efren. I am so PROUD of him. I am so PROUD that he stand in his own will to help people while the other people who are in the power with millions of money cannot do that. Why??????

  3. @jhovel22: A shame indeed. This is a test case of the present administration – how it is being handled. And also, this is a threat to journalists working in the provinces where warlordism still exist, where there are private armies.

  4. We already face the intolerance of this people behind this massacre. I hope there is no “moro-moro” in this case. All evidences are there and you cannot make a good alibi on it. We are hoping that God will prevail the truth behind this unhuman activities in Magiundanao. One of the reason that they don’t have any progress in there location is because of the terrorist and how the politicians handle the basket of the country. We know that Mindanao is the basket of our country. Look at Davao, that is one of the role model province in Mindanao. Dont you know that they are right now in progress???????

    We already know that Mindanao is a good location in terms of agriculture. There were no storms will visit. But the only thing that scrampled my heart is seeing my co filipinos suffering in there own land of poverty. We cannot tell how many people were being killed in there wickedness. One of the topic that makes me cry is when GMA7’s documentary entitled “Biyaheng Totoo” reached the Magiundanao. One of the poorest province in the country that is also the time that the Magiundanao massacre booms like a mushroom in the news.

    They don’t have enough education. One teacher is eqiuvalent of 70 students i think? And the salary of the teacher is 1/4 of the basic salary of the normal teacher. I am proud of her. i dont know what is her name. But the most ironic part of the story is when I saw in the news, and view how big are those mansion of the leaders in Magiunadanao. So ironic right?? I can’t imagine how these people can sleep while there neighbors eats one meal a day. So heartless!!!

    If the government will develop the Mindanao our economy will grow. Tourism not terrorism, industrialization not rebellion if they will believe in there own progress they can achieved there own dreams. Thanks also for those mediaman who entered and waste there life just to let the people know how was the other part of the country was.

    They are what we called a hero of this century. They are martyrs of truth and willing to die to reveal the truth. I am so proud of them. Let us all pray that may justice will prevail and God will enlighten the investigators. Condolence to there family.

  5. just a couple of hours i recieved an email with the pictures of people who are victims of magiundanao massacre. I’m scared! it is life is being cut…

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