Aquino and Villar: too much on mudslinging, tell us your platforms

The two leading candidates are the two leading mudslingers in the 2010 election campaign.

Before the campaign and after weeks of campaigning , we heard many exchanges of harsh words, intrigues, gossips, and many other trivial things than the most important which is the platform of government they are planning to.

To Noynoy Aquino, what is your platform? Why I always hear you blaming, ranting, intriguing than talking about your vision for this country. It seems to me that I am looking at the a grade 5 student who catch his teacher’s attention by always shouting that everyone in class cheats!

It’s not bad for a smart grade 5 (if he is really smart). But not good for a man who seeks to become the leader of over 90 million people. It’s not bad to condemn but if you make it a habit and make it a loop – that’s not good.

To Manny Villar, how will you realize that message in your advertisements that you envision to end poverty in this country? We would like to hear that than your jingles. We would like to hear real plans.

The 2010 election campaign is much the same as 2004 campaign. I still see the campaign as a tari-tari (cockfight); it’s still like a horsefight.

While the word change become the buzzword, I don’t see any change at all.

2 thoughts on “Aquino and Villar: too much on mudslinging, tell us your platforms

  1. I totally agree that these two presidentiables who are mudslinging each other have not been very articulate regarding their flatforms of government. They are like frogs who are very noisy pretending to be good presidentiables but actually aspire the presidency purely for vested interest, not very clear on how they will carry out giving solutions to the greater problems of our country.Answering questions re our present problems is totally different from doing the actual thing.Its all theoritical but solving the problems realistically is another thing. So far I am not yet convinced from both of them how will they go about it.Instead of presenting their flatforms to the people they give emphasis on mudslinging. Are these the kind of leaders you want to rule this country? MGA BAKLA lang and nagsisiraan not presidentiables whom we expect as professionals and are capable of giving justice to such position.

  2. I agree. So much politics. So much talks. Their throwing words against each other and they laugh at it. Now who’s suffering on this awful acts? Us! People who expect that Manny Villar would end the poverty and Noy-Noy will continue the fight that his parents started. Let’s stop those old school politics propaganda and present to us what you can do if you’ll be seated in the president’s office in the next 7 years. “IF”

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