An Election without Vote Buying

An election in the Philippines without vote buying happened recently. Thanks to the people who continue to believe and continue to have faith. Thanks to God.

I used to believe that vote buying cannot be eradicated unless people are totally wiped out. I’m felt so sorry for this wrong thoughts.

When I saw the video on the case of Calidngan. I felt the shame to myself. There was a moment of guilt. Then, I was inspired and felt blessed.

Calidngan is a mountain barangay nine kilometers away from Carcar City, Cebu and 40 km away from Cebu City. The main way of living there is farming. The people in Calidngan prove that an election without vote buying is possible. Please watch this video.

Small beginnings – The Calidngan Story Part 1

Small beginnings – The Calidngan Story Part 2

Let’s continue to believe on small beginnings. Now tell me, it is possible that we can have an election without vote buying? Yes, it is. Yes we can.

2 thoughts on “An Election without Vote Buying

  1. Yet another inspiring post.

    I have to say though that people can’t get away with accepting money for a vote, but would vote for someone else.

    The mere fact that you accepted money intended to buy vote, you are already tolerating a very bad mistake.

    “Maayo nalang ni ipalit ug bugas”.

    Think of the long term effect. I read somewhere that humans are impulsive. We think/act on the present without forethoughts.

  2. What happened to Calidngan proves that we can actually conduct an election without the traditional ‘over-spending’. See, there was even a councilor who spent less than a thousand pesos while, as far as I know, many had spent more that 20 thousand for the same position.

    This is indeed inspiring!

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