APC and IP-Converge to Cebu: Smarter Data Center Solutions

As Cebu business enterprises continue to strive for global competitiveness, the need for world-class and cost-effective business solutions rise.

Recently, executives and representatives of two world-class companies come to Cebu to introduce efficient and cost-effective business solutions, specifically on data management. APC by Schneider Electric and IP Converge Data Center Inc. (IP-Converge) jointly hosted executive and media product briefing; and also meet key business leaders in Cebu to introduce a ‘smarter’ data solutions that address the need for an efficient, cost-effective, and reliable management of data or digital resources.

APC is considered as the global leader in integrated critical power and cooling services; and also provides industry leading product, software and systems for home, office, data center, and factory floor applications. IP Converge is the information technology and telecommunications subsidiary of publicly-listed IPVG Corp. It provides a wide array of managed data services and business solutions.

In a press conference, IP Converge president Reynaldo Huergas expressed his optimism on Cebu’s economy – the reason they give high priority to Cebu for its expansion. In fact, Huergas announced that the company plans to invest up to P100 million pesos in Cebu early next year.

Importance of Data Centers to Business Operations

Data management is among the most critical component in today’s business operations. As staff in web applications development organization (specifically on product management), I know how critical data management is – and how important the data center is. Those are some things we can’t compromise.

Stakeholders (business owners, business managers) of today’s technologically-advanced enterprises know this – in fact they allocate considerable amount of money for data solutions. Why? The answer is simple, data are the company’s digital resources. To lose data is synonymous to lose of revenues.

For example, a Cebuano businessman selling products online and accepting payments online, would definitely wanted to make sure his business portal is up 27/7. Downtime is a no-no. Data backup is also run at intervals to make sure data can be made available even after data disaster.

For ordinary PC user, the computer’s Hard Drive is considered precious as it holds not only the instructions to run the computer but also the precious document, presentations, (and pictures and music).

Going back to our example, you can now imagine how much he would potentially lost if his data is compromised for let’s say 12 hours.  If I would give you some figures, average daily sales perhaps, you would be able to do your math and get back to me with figures. I am just giving the most simple example on the role of data centers and data management to businesses.

Smarter Data Center Solutions by APC and IP-Converge

Smarter Data Center Solutions offered by APC and IP-Converge address the increasing market requirement for a secure, robust and highly resilient data center service, for in-house and outsourcing needs.

As Cebu’s business continue to grow and continue to compete globally, Cebu businessmen need to accept that outsourcing Internet Data Center requirements is a more viable option in fulfilling this objective so that they can focus on their core business, Reynaldo R. Huergas, IP-Converge president told.

He continued that IP-Converge’s Managed Data Services which include data center co-location that uses APC technology as well as Internet bandwidth and connectivity, can address such requirements without the huge capital investment.

IP-Converge operates the IPC Data Center in Makati City connected to key points in Asia-Pacific region. This robust Asia-Pacific network infrastructure boost IP-Converge’s high position in the industry – the only one offering managed data services and business solutions compliant to international industry standards.

The technology behind the world-class infrastructure in Makati City is provided APC by Schneider Electric. A significant portion of IP-Converge’s data center environment is the product of a turnkey project that APC conceptualized, designed and installed which include – data center solution and equipment, from racks, to power and cooling.

This expertise of APC would benefit large enterprises that prefer to build and operate their own IT facility but does not want the headache of dealing with multiple vendors. It is because APC’s turnkey service offering is the best alternative to address this requirement.

As the economy continues to stabilize, more businesses will need to rely on an efficient and robust data center infrastructure to ensure business continuity and operational reliability, said Philippe Reveilhac. He is the country president of Schneider Electric in the Philippines.

Reveilhac added that both APC and IP-Converge offer help to Cebu businesses to achieve goals either through building ‘smarter’ in-house data centers for them or providing ‘smarter’ data center services.

To more about APC, please visit www.apc.com and for more information about IP-Converge, go to www.ip-converge.com.

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