Road Revolution in Cebu Today

Missing Felimon’s “Suroy-Suroy” best describes Osmena Boulevard, Cebu City’s major road.

Ang kadalanan sa atong dakbayan

Gubot pa’s lukot basin ka’g maugmaan

One Cebuano friend once told me that Cebu’s streets are becoming the best place to stress our lungs, to drain our time, and perhaps to end our life.

But NOT today! In fact, Osmena Boulevard is the safest road in Cebu City today. It’s very safe for mother who crossed the road pulling her’s child’s stroller.

Of course, adults like us are safe, too!

I know because I  strolled Osmena Blvd early morning today (our nation’s 113th Independence day) from Abellana National School down to Plaza Independencia.

A very good friend, James who is also a fellow at our Beer Talk (an exclusive group) shared to me about Road Revolution at Cebu City on June 12, 2011.  During our Saturday round of beer talk, we both told  our fellows that we will join by foot (walking). By the way, one can join by running, biking, skating, among others.

Cars with lung-stressing smoke aren’t the king of the road today.  Look who occupy the lanes!

No cars! It’s nice to see no cars here.

Now, who rules the road?

Some children in Cebu are racing with cars during rush hour to get a coin or two. Some children simply love to conquer the ofter furious road! This child may have felt like queen. We are not sure what this child is thinking of course. Fortunately, this child is safe today! And the group of college students are very safe, too!

What is happening at Cebu today is really fascinating. It’s a revolution of the people. Indeed a day that gives more to those who don’t have wheels.  (Based in Road Revolution Philippines‘ tagline: Those who have less in wheels must have more in road.)

Here are some snapshots at very fresh-looking Plaza Independencia.

Go while the sun is up. Experience road revolution today!

You may walk and talk or explore …

Archival Eco-House

Get involved!

Or get fascinated and believe!

Hear and share the messages…

… because sometime, Small things have big deeds!

…and few letters are enough! I believe Beer Talks fellow will agree with me.

Some of your steps may take you eyes at one side of the road.

and see some same different matters at the same side of the road..

Today, let us be happy because we are free. We believe therefore, we are!

Lines, colors, and curves are really part of freedom!

6 thoughts on “Road Revolution in Cebu Today

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  2. bai, fascinating indeed… i’m amazed how cebuanos were able to hold there lung-stressing mufflers for this cause even just for a day..

  3. Bai! I’m glad you’re here. There was some negative thoughts though. Many businesses lost sales that day. Many were forced to walk – park cars few blocks away, etc.. etc.. While it was good to give chance to people to walk like kings along Osmena Blvd. it compelled other ‘kings’ to walk and suffer – so they complained the activity was one-sided..

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