Leon Kilat and Tres de Abril

Everyone in Cebu knows what Tres de Abril is. Tres de Abril is a street in Cebu City. The first time I heard Tres de Abril was when I arrived in Cebu in 2000. I asked why the street is called a such. A Cebuano officemate told me about the battle that took place on April 3, 1898. He also narrated to me about Leon Kilat.

pantaleon-villegas-leon-kilat.jpgI was mesmerized as if I had the anting-anting (amulet) of Leon Kilat. It was also the first time I heard about him. Leon Kilat is also a name of a street in Cebu City in honor of Pantaleon Villegas “Leon Kilat” for his great contribution to Cebu history.

It was then that I learn to value not only Colon Street but also other notable streets in Cebu such as C. Padilla, T. Padilla, Gen. Maxilom, A. Abellana, among others.

Tres de Abril

Tres de Abril or April 3 is an important date in Cebu. Every year, Cebuanos celebrate it as the date when major resistance movement was staged against Spanish rule.

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