Peering into Software Piracy

Microsoft Office 2007 is sold at 80 pesos! That’s less than two dollars. Yes, it is displayed and sold in stalls along Colon Street, Cebu City. The oldest street in the Philippines becomes the venue of software piracy.

The same stall sold Microsoft Operating System (OS), from Windows 2000 to Windows Vista. For XP system, buyers can choose, Windows XP Professional or Home Edition. Not just Microsoft, the same stall sold Photoshop, CorelDaraw and other proprietary software installers. It surprises me how the owner of the stall can sleep without the fear of the risk of selling pirated stuff.

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Most popular website among young Filipinos

Friendster is the most popular website among young Filipino Internet user according to the Young Filipino Internet User Report 2007 of Digital Filipino[dot]com.

The same report revealed that research, social networking, and gaming are primary reasons why they use the Internet.

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Do you get spam?

Oh, yeah. I get more spam than anyone I know. I don’t know how much the president gets but yes, said Bill Gates when asked by USA Today.

Bill Gates gets spam. A lot of spam. The article, Gates on the effect of spam on USA Today declared.

Not only Gates gets spam, I’m sure. You get spam, aren’t you? I get spam, too!

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Some Guidelines for email Etiquette

Email, as an important tool in communication, is sometimes abused and misused. This is the the concern of one of my friend who often get irritated with the emails she received. I compile here some good guidelines for email etiquette.

Here are some suggestions for using email tactfully, gracefully, effectively, and safely from Indiana University University Information Technology Services:

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Ethical Hacking

I just stumble the term, ethical hacking. The term get my attention when I learn that this year’s recipient of the prestigious Timothy Fidel Memorial Award is a Filipino. He is Alexandar Ramos, a computer forensic analyst of the Philippine National Police (PNP). He was awarded for his outstanding role and analysis of digital evidences in a multi-jurisdictional investigation involving 7,000 hacked PBX’s/voicemail systems worldwide.

Is hacking ethical? Or, does hacking becomes ethical?

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