DefconPH Beer Talk 1 and Defcon Philippines launching

Thank you to the event organizer, Maxtor, for the successful DEFCONPH Beer Talk 1 held in Handuraw Cafe, Gorordo Avenue, Lahug, Cebu City on December 20, 2008. Semprix and Maxtor are the founders of Defcon Philippines

DefconPH Beer Talk 1 Participants

On the same date, DEFCONPH (also written as Defcon) was officially launched. I commend DEFCONPH founders, Semprix and Maxtor for bringing Defcon to the Philippines and landmarking the face of information security in the Philippines.

DEFCONPH officially started on February 2008. DefconPH is a registered as Defcon International Group, DC6332.

DefconPH Beer Talk 1 was participated by 21 individuals who take role in IT security. The participants come from Luzon, Cebu and Mindanao which includes IT security personnel, Software Engineers, Technical Writers, Network Administrator, and IT students. During group discussions, most of the participants generously shared their knowlege and significant IT-security related experiences which add wealth to everyone present.

Defcon come its way at the height of information technology (IT) development in the Philippines.

In the Philippines, Information Technology (IT) industry is among the fastest growing. Cebu, being centrally located, becomes an ideal venue for information security convention.

During Defcon Beer Talk 1, the founders reveal the plan for the big convention (CON) on June 2009. The CON on June 2009 is a much-awaited event specifically dedicated to IT security. I expect hundreds of participants coming from corporate, institutional, and government sectors.  The academe and IT business stakeholders are also expected to take part on the convention.

Information security is everybody’s concern. However, this area is often overlooked not until the company or the organization experience the devastating and costly vulnerabilities or attacks.

Although, there is no such thing as 100% secure system or networks, there are many mitigating steps to help prevent and stop such IT security threats. Adequate knowledge, enough information, and broad understanding of IT system and securities can help mitigate the almost never-ending IT security issues.

DefconPH and CBS Conference

DefconPH founders and some members of  Cebu Blogger’s Society (CBS) meet today (December 14, 2008) in preparation to the upcoming DefconPH Beer Talk 1 on December 20, 2008.

I am privileged to attend the DefconPH (also written as DEFCONPH) and CBS conference and I have the opportunity to meet the DefconPH founders, Semprix and Maxtor.

The founders share valuable insights about IT security and orient us about the purpose of DefconPH as an organization. Included in the discussion are future plans of DefconPH and the upcoming conference (CON) on June 2009.

Defcon is an organization that hosts Information Security convention. During the DefconPH and CBS conference, it was clarified that Defcon is a non-profit organization, and not a company nor an institution with commercial affiliation. Simprix and Maxtor further clarified that during the CON, illegal activities are not allowed.

Defcon is currently the world’s largest annual hacker convention with over 8,500 people attended DEFCON 16 (2008).

In the Philippines, there are currently two registered Defcon Groups, DC6332 (Cebu City) and DC6341 (Cavite). There used to be DC63048 in Puerto Princesa, Palawan but the group is currently inactive. (see source,

DefconPH (DC6332) started in February 2008.