With great joy, and with a heart with burning hope, spiced with little tick of fear and uncertainties, I spent 24 hours of my life to celebrate my serenity.

12:01 AM

I continue to work on the technical document I started early evening. No deviations, just work.  Aside from the sound of ticking clock, I hadn’t heard myself complaining on getting cold water for my coffee which supposed to be hot.

12:12 AM

Got my first SMS. It was a simple greetings from a person least expected.

2:18 AM

My keyboard got noisy and clicking of mouse became more forceful. But my beloved buddy still saw me smiling. My buddy even giggled when I changed my writer’s hat to software tester’s hat. This time I got hot coffee. And it was freaky good coffee!

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Sweet Memories in MIT

My visit to my college ‘boarding house’ was a concoction of excitement, joy, sadness, guilt, and fear.

I was excited to see my bestfriend who after several years went back to college year’s ‘home’. He is currently assigned to a government agency in Ozamiz City.

Of course, I was happy to see my very accommodating landlady and landlord.

I saw the combination of old and new which made my heart glow (and beat faster).

Ah, I am passing through Banadero’s mighty. I am referring to Misamis Institute of Technology (MIT) main building. We fondly called it, MIT-Sulod.

The MIT main building is now ’empty’ of ambitions, of aspirations. No one among us expect this to happen – that MIT main will be closed. I don’t like to imagine it as an abandoned ship but my mind insist that it becomes one. Where are the mighty sailors? Where are the smart pilots?

I remember during our glorious and fruitful years there, it was full of individual aspirations. The building witnessed how we struggle to keep the flame of knowledge to light others who have not even peeked into the heart of the building.

Eight years after left my alma mater, I saw an ’empty nest’ not a big family as I expect to be.

The main entrance. It used to be open. It used to welcome us every morning. It used to promise those who enter that there were treasures to be discovered inside.

The main gate. Ah! The signs are still there!

This was the entrance I pass through morning and afternoon for four years. This entrance witnessed how I carry my ‘things’ – books, folders, and nothing.

The TV tower is still there!

The home that shape what I am today is still there. Yes, it is… I don’t care if it is empty; if it is abandoned.

Crying men: Is crying good for us?

It is a widespread belief […] that crying is therapeutic and […] failure to cry is a danger to our health, Emotional Processing[dot]Org notes.

Men don’t cry. But Rodolfo Noel “Jun” Lozada Jr, and Erwin Santos did on national TV.

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Old Songs

Tonight my heart sings. My melodies waft through the breeze of pristine evening. When everyone sleeps with serenity, my heart incessantly chant even no one listens, even no one hears. My heart sings until its melody fades out like darkness at dawn.

My heart sings olds songs to refresh the memories that sustain my hope. With silent prayers that someone out there listens, my heart sings the songs with notes of smile, of encouragement, of admiration, of promises, of hope, of assurance, of shattered dreams.

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