Moderating Sex

We can moderate greed. Can’t we moderate sex? It seems difficult. As many as those who can’t moderate sexual cravings are the commercial sex workers (CSW) who offer services preferred by customers. Many of them don’t mind the value of safe sex.

This may not be a national trend but the Mandaue City Health Office noted the rise of sexually transmitted infection (STI) cases. From 553 cases counseled and treated by Mandaue City Health Office in 2006, it ballooned to 867 cases in 2007. This is attributed to a number of unregistered or freelance commercial sex workers who practice their trade without or with little knowledge of safe sex. [Source: Sun Star Cebu]

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My Elusive Woman

Today I’ll break the chain of political posts. Let me talk about woman.

On March 8, we celebrate the International Women’s Day (IWD). The IWD’s 2008 global theme is Shaping Progress.

March 8 is significant to me. It’s IWD, it’s my mother’s birthday, and it’s my parent’s wedding anniversary. It was also the day I first brought home a [the?] woman whom I adore.

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A Dreamer’s Dream

I am a dreamer. Last night I dream my most elusive dreams.

I can’t reveal when was my last casual sexual encounter. It was gruesome yet pleasantly and superficially exciting. Until now, the casual encounter with a horny user tickle my lower extremities. I entertain the idea of casual sexual encounters but never love it the way I love the sexual encounter I had with the most beautiful creature whom I think I love.

My sexual encounter with the one I think I love just exist in my imagination.

From deep slumber, I was awakened wet. I switched on the light and scribble to my journal a night’s dream that keep on flashing even after the cold yet erotic dawning of February. I can share here a part of it but not the entire transcript of glaringly vivid and graphic details of another very elusive sexual encounter (but this time, only as a dream).

I saw her smiling – a smile that captivated rugged spirit of masculinity. Her eyes were tempting and silently trasmitting electrostatic message only both of us can decipher. I kissed her – a passionate kiss of newly weds. And there I stood before her – both of us revealing the innocence of the newborn; nothing on, nothing to hide on. I had shaky knees as I stared her curves and goddess stature.

I was gazing her perfection like the way I should when I buy a fertile tract where I could plant my fruit. A minute or two of gazing before I claimed ownership of her. I could not wait for another second to possess her. In turn, she could not even wait longer to submit her softness to the robust force I had.

Both of us were panting as God’s air was not enough for us to breath. We made our own world – a world like no other.

No one can tell how long the Earth’s most pleasurable bath could be. Neither I can tell you how long I sip the sweetest nectar on Earth. As far as I knew, I had lost myself. I lost the world where I live because I migrated to the highest form of pleasure and happiness.

As much as I never knew how long I left this world, I likewise never knew how I lost her. I lost my position as I lost my treasured posessions. I am then awakened and goes back to walls of realism.

But I was there, I insist. I’m wet – my sole evidence. I’m sure I was with her. I opened my eyes. Said my prayer:

St. Thomas Aquinas, pray for me.
St. John Baptist de La Salle, pray for us. Live Jesus in our hearts, forever.

It was a cold dawn of February. When, I opened the window facing south, I saw the little drops from above – morning blessing!

Now, I’m awake but still dream because I still ponder on why I was wet. Does dream come true?

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Sex without strings

Many men and women in their twentysomethings admit having sexual contact with a partner before getting married.Today’s twentysomethings are not always oriented to marriage. Relationships are seen as getting-to-know-you better and not necessarily romantic relationship. That’s why, I don’t wonder why instead of “love”, we talk more about “sex” and “relationships”. Are Filipinos live in a culture of sex without strings and relationships without rings? Yes, I think so. Only few have the courage to admit – thanks to “Christian culture”.

Sex is for fun. It is one of the freedom enjoyed by young and single. Indeed, the freedom and pleasure loved by most smart, young, and single men and women.

There is romantic sex. There is also casual sex. For engaged couple – those who only count days before they will finally sign the marriage contact – romantic sex can be the best description for their sexual activity. Casual sex is the no-string-attached sex – an expected part of the dating scene. When we talk about this among friends, many of them agree that casual sex is no-strings-attached sex. It requires no commitments beyond the sexual encounter itself, no ethical obligation beyond mutual consent. Sex is no longer a big deal as in the past.

It is no longer uncommon to hear someone getting drunk, suddenly feel hot and horny and got great sex! Partner’s name no longer important. That’s casual sex.

Working singles, specially men, most likely to go to nightclubs to socialize with friends. Clubs are good place not only for socializing, and for drinking but also for a good place to find casual sex hookup. Do you go to clubs to find a wife or husband? Fool! Go there to find sex with less and no responsibilities at all.

I used to believe that one night stand is a fiction. Now, I’m convinced that some tales come true!