IT Competitiveness of the Philippines

Out of 64 countries, the Philippines ranked 47th in Information Technology (IT) Industry Competitiveness Index for 2007.

This is the result of the study, The means to compete: Benchmarking IT industry competitiveness conducted by Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) sponsored by Business Software Alliance (BSA), a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting a safe and legal digital world.

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Peering into Software Piracy

Microsoft Office 2007 is sold at 80 pesos! That’s less than two dollars. Yes, it is displayed and sold in stalls along Colon Street, Cebu City. The oldest street in the Philippines becomes the venue of software piracy.

The same stall sold Microsoft Operating System (OS), from Windows 2000 to Windows Vista. For XP system, buyers can choose, Windows XP Professional or Home Edition. Not just Microsoft, the same stall sold Photoshop, CorelDaraw and other proprietary software installers. It surprises me how the owner of the stall can sleep without the fear of the risk of selling pirated stuff.

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