Cebu City officials: CCMC, in a state of utter neglect

It is surprising to hear reports that Cebu City officials was surprised with what they saw in Cebu City Medical Center (CCMC) during their surprise visit to the controversial hospital last Friday (January 9, 2009).

I was equally surprised when I read reports about the surprise visit because what they saw was not really very surprising.

I was surprised as if I were in CCMC seeing prominent and honorable city leaders taking a look on one of the city problems that long been neglected. At least now with Acting Mayor Michael Rama, city’s ‘little annoying problems’ (little, really?) are being talked about seriously.

Of course city’s folks also want to know what Cebu City officials are thinking about problems other than the talk of promising prospects of South Road Properties (SRP) that has been idle for quite a long time.

In Sun Star report, Acting Vice Mayor Hilario Davide III was quoted saying, it’s  (CCMC) in such a sorry state. We had a tour of the entire hospital and we all saw na hugaw gyud kaayo ang CCMC (It’s really dirty). It really needs our attention. It’s in a state of utter neglect and kinahanglan gyud limpyohan (It needs cleaning).

The city officials noticed the poor ventilation, the dirt, the patients in sorry desperate situation, among others. Shouldn’t the Queen City of the South prioritize health and provide quality medical service to her taxpayers that give a share to pay the big Yen loan?

If you can’t fix it, sell it!

Several months ago, Mayor Tomas Osmena was contemplating of selling CCMC with his great frustration to CCMC’s reportedly frustrating services.

Despite of CCMC’s known kind of service, city folks still parade to get an experience of being treated. Undeniably, most patients in CCMC are less fortunate. When a private CCMC have improved service, can the less fortunate still be served?

Instead of putting all blames to CCMC officials, City officials must take also its responsibilty of it. After all, the City officials are actually part of culprits.

Let us be excited to the bright prospects of CCMC as the City officials and stepping into addressing the long neglected problems. Let us be excited the same way as we are excited of the promises of SRP.

Should we be surprised if City officials once again go out from their multi-million office building and tour the city’s backyard? I will not be surprised if the City officials get surprised with the city’s garbage problem. Will the smell still surprising?

Why not? After all, life is full of surprises.