Manny Villar: Victim of political persecution?

Sen. Manuel Villar claimed that he is.

He complained that the ethics complaint filed against him is politically motivated. Obviously, whatever the politicians do are politically motivated. They are called politicians, aren’t they?

Let us make it clear the issue against Sen. Manny Villar is not only the double insertion of P200 million to an approved budget of C-5 road project. The biggest issue here is why C-5 road’s original plan was changed to traverse the properties of Villar. Because of this, Sen. Manny Villar and his wife, Las Piñas Rep. Cynthia Villar gets benefited.

Of course, Senators Mar Roxas and Panfilo Lacson take this opportunity to put down Sen. Manny Villar as he is their biggest threat for their ambition in 2010. This is both about elections. This is also about exposing how politicians advanced their personal interest.

See? Elections benefit us in many ways. Political quarrels give us many opportunities to dissect politicians. At the same time, political war slows down our nation’s progress.

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Corruption in the Philippines: Blame Us!

Corruption is a hot topic in the nation where majority of the people believe that corruption is rampant.

The keyword is corruption. For a smart politician, using the word corruption and showing to the people that he condemns corruption already give him the edge because the Filipino nation is longing for a corrupt-free society and a currupt-buster leader.

Sen. Loren Legarda knows this well that she initiated a campaign through mass media that she is with the Filipino people with their quest to fight against corruption. However the political ads of Sen. Loren Legarda is obviously aimed to advance her political ambition in 2010. Legarda is one of the promising presidential candidate in 2010n national elections.

Almost all blame corruption as the major reason of the country’s poor economic and social development.

But why do corrupt leaders continue to reign when the society is condemning it? Who are to be blamed?

The goverment. Majority of the people think that the inefficiency of the government is caused by rampant corruption. But who elected the government official? The people. With this, the cycle of finger-pointing begins and roll its vicious cycle.

Aside from the leaf-leaning group, the Catholic church is very vocal in condemning against corruption.

An interesting news report surfaced recently. Isabela Rep. Rodolfo “Rodito” Albano III  expressed his opinion that that the Catholic church must have failed to teach its followers about the sin of corruption.

In reports, Albano was quoted saying: We were the only Catholic country in Asia for 400 years. Please ask the bishops why we are the most corrupt nation. That should answer everything.

In reports,  obviously, Rep. Rodolfo “Rodito” Albano pointed out that the Catholic Church has also great responsibilities in teaching about values which of course discouraging corruption and wrongdoings. Majority of the Filipinos are Roman Catholic.

Rep. Albano urged the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP)through its president Angel Lagdameo to look closely also to its own glitch before finger-pointing to anybody – specifically to the government.

Finger-pointing and throwing out of blames will continue. And for someone who seeks solution, it will be an ordeal.

The Philippine society as a whole is very critical to corruption and wrongdoings in the government in both public and private sector. But ironically, the Philippine society highly tolerates corruption.

For many Filipinos, corruption occurs when a government official consent over-pricing, secret deals, kickbacks that costs millions yet highly tolerate piracy, paying of fixers, among others.

Congressman Rodolfo Albano has good points. Yes, the church has responsibilities to teach good values. If majority of the Catholics just live on the values and ways of Christians, corruption will virtually become non-existent.

In addition to Rep. Albano’s opinion, I think we should also look into education and mass media and not just the Church.

But basically, let’s start with our family. I think there is an urgent need to strengthen the Filipino family values. In a family where favoritism, greed, selfishness, and pride becomes noticeable, it’s members will likely become highly tolerant to corruption and fraud. Ans soon join the wagon of those who know they are doing wrong but continue to do it because everyone else is doing it.

I used to remind my friends that buying prirated CD/VCD, giving money to fixers, buying illegally-acquired goods are already a form of corruption.

Now, I relax a little bit. I don’t need to preach – I just need to live.

For the question who is to blame for the rampant corruption in the Phiippines, the answer is us. The is no need to point the church, the governent. We don’t need to shout on streets nor to die with soldier’s bullet to transform this society – just need to transform ourselves.

CBCP President Angel Lagdameo to GMA: No Political Ceasefire

Archbishop Angel Lagdameo

Archbishop Angel Lagdameo is firm on his stand: Radical Change! for the Philippines. Jaro (Iloilo) Archbishop and Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) president Angel Lagdameo called for the people to support the “radical reforms” although he and other bishops did not specify how the change be executed.

No one except the militant groups welcome the idea of the bishops. Many even lambasted them for instead of helping, they only complicate the situation.

CBCP strikes and rock the boat when the sea is rough, wrote Jun Ledesma in his column in Sun.Star Davao.

President Arroyo

When President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo called for “political ceasefire”  and set aside personal differences and focus on improving the lives of the people. Lagdameo’s answer is clear: NO, NO, NO!

I have hight respect to the leaders of the church, specially the CBCP president but it appears to me that Archbishop Lagdameo is just over-acting. It is not clear what change he is talking about.

When we talk about change, there are many change that are needed in Lagdameo’s own yard. Isn’t the Catholic church not wrapped with issues of corruption, priest molesting poor girls and boys, among others. But it is a sensitive issue that nobody would like to talk about. I hope that is one of the change Lagdameo wants to look up too.

While I agree that corruption is already drowning us, but I don’t agree with the way Lagdameo ang his mean tackle it.

I suggest to the good Archbishop to focus on his primary role – to spread the gospel and teach the people the lessons that must be learn to become moral and responsible citizen. That’s the area CBCP should focus first.

For President Arroyo, I call her to prove to the people that she is really figthing against corruption by staying away from suspecious characters and transactions. Instead of giving attention to the senseless calls, continue to discuss with country’s financial managers so that we can do well even at times of global financial crisis.