Pinoy Power movement and the preparation of Noynoy’s 2010 battle

Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III  is leveling off Sen. Manuel Villar’s preparation for 2010 presidential election. Noynoy’s is also pacing with his cousin Sec. Gilbert Teodoro’s political machinery’s advantage.

Earlier, Noynoy and his supporters told that they will launch a citizen campaign. This is interpreted as people-funded campaign and anchored on citizen’s volunteerism.

Pinoy Power movement

The national campaign is few months away but Pinoy Power already kicked off its own version of national campaign for Noynoy.

Pinoy Power, as described on its website called Pipol Power, is a movement composed of individuals and cause-oriented groups who have come together to work for the advancement of a wide-sweeping reform agenda for the Philippines. There is no explicit expression of the group’s support to Noynoy’s presidential bid on its website but it’s header speaks for it.

Recently (November 14, 2009), Pinoy Power organized student forum in University of San Carlos (USC) and University of Southern Philippines Foundation (USPF). The group claimed during the forum that all of them are volunteers and that they all share common goals, change and reform.

Noynoy’s sisters

Noynoy’s sister, Pinky Aquino Abellada and her son Miguel graced the event. Pinky gave short talk about his father’s legacy and shared how their family cope with pains and struggles brought by politics especially difficulties they had sustained  during Martial Law until Ninoy’s death. Pinky also answered students’ questions.

The Cebu Bloggers Society, as new media group, was invited to cover Pinoy Power’s Cebu fora. Together with CBS political and general interest bloggers, Kevin, Agnes, Sinjin, Mikyu, and Mark, I get a chance to get up-close to Pinky during the group’s lunch break. She has charm, a blogger observed. I noticed her warm attitude when she talk and her smart answers to questions.

The presence of Cebu’s political figures during the lunch and in the school forum seemed a green light for support to Noynoy.

From a reluctant sister of an initially reluctant presidential contender, Pinky Abellada emerges as Noynoy’s strong ally for Noynoy’s 2010 political battle.

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The Problem with Noynoy for President Movement

Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III never get much attention until the much mourned death of his mother, former president Corazon “Cory” Aquino.

Right after the burial of the former president, supporters of Noynoy began to surface urging him to run as president in 2010 elections. Obviously, Noynoy’s fanatics foresee his victory based on the the number of people who paid tribute to the remains of Cory and those who were in funeral procession. This is often tagged as “the Aquino magic”.

Now, even Noynoy Aquino has not officially announced that he will run as president in 2010, Sen. Mar Roxas already announced his intention not to pursue his plan to run as president to give way on the candidacy of  Sen. Noynoy.

Mar’s announcement was a big political surprise. We all know how Mar position himself to get into Malacanang in 2010. Mar has spent a lot of resources already – time, money, effort. His decision should not be very easy for him. We cannot ignore the reality that Mar Roxas got qualifications than Noynoy. I should not forget to mention that Mar has proven his worth with his accomplishments as DTI Secretary and as Senator. Noynoy, since he run for Senate, continue to live on the shadow of his parents. He had not done much to hint us once he become president. But why did Mar give way to Noynoy? If we can only read his mind, we’ll get quick answer.

These recent developments boost the Noynoy for president movement. The clamor to make Noynoy as president has become a hype.

This proves that Filipinos major basis to elect leaders is popularity. Competence is least considered. Now, would you still asked why we had elected an action star? Perhaps you have now understood why some people push Manny Pacquiao to run as congressman. No wonder a presidential aspirant did his marriage proposal on a noontime show. The reason is quite obvious why noontime host Willie Revillame is rumored to run for senator.

The problem of the hype to make Noynoy as president is that it is based on sympathy rather than an intelligent decision. The assessment that Filipino voters decide based on their emotion rather than reason is being proven. This happened before when Filipinos elected an actor with faith that the action star’s movie roles would lived well in national governance.

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Why Noynoy?

I am amazed with the recent media hype to make Noynoy run for president in 2010. After the death of his mother, former President Cory Aquino, Noynoy’s supporters suddenly surfaced.The excitement are becoming more intense with the catch that Noynoy is the only hope for this nation. The Noynoy Aquino magic is born!

Instead of going to political maturity, we seemed go backward. We go back to the time when we entrust our fate to magic and unseen forces. Are you going to blindly follow the wave and entrust the fate of this nation to a magic born out of sympathy? Obviously, the blind support to Noynoy is just a sympathetic move to ease the pain of losing a mother. Making Noynoy as president is too much!

Recently, Mar Roxas, announced that he will support Noynoy for president. But Noynoy has not yet decided if he will really run. The announcement of Mar made him an instant hero. If Noynoy decided not to run in 2010, Mar’s rating will surely get a significant boost. If Mar Roxas run as Noynoy’s vice president, the team will be a strong force in 2010 elections. I wonder, why Mar made an early announcement when Noynoy has not yet decided. What’s the catch Mar? Or is this part of ‘magic’ – a way so that we will talk about them?

Why Noynoy? As I wrote in my previous post, Noynoy has not yet proven his worth. He is only son of Cory and Ninoy. Being son of national icons are not enough guarantee that he will serve well. He also need to learn how to become a good statesman. Currently, he just echo the criticism of popular critic of the Arroyo administration.

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Noynoy and the Aquino fever

I never imagined that Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III will be included in the long list of ‘presidentiables’ – not until the death and burial of former president Cory Aquino.

It’s magic! Or isn’t it fate? The silent senator Nonoy is now dragged to Malacanang by his supporters obviously to take advantage of “Cory and Ninoy magic”

Is there really magic? The number of people who went to the wake of former president Cory and those who were in funeral procession symphatized the family. It was never meant all those people will vote.

But in the Philippines, it is true that sympathy is turned to votes.

The clamor for Noynoy only show that we don’t reach yet political maturity. We always make and bend trends and selection of leader is not based on competence.

I am not saying that Nonoy is not competent. But I insist that his being Aquino alone is not enough. Noynoy still need to prove himself. He should stand on his own feet.

Noynoy is not yet ready. I feel better if he continues to serve as senator and learn how to be humble and smart.

I hope the Aquino family and Noynoy listen to their hearts, not to clamor.

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Cory apologizes to Erap: EDSA II a mistake

With due respect to former President Corazon “Cory” Aquino, I’d like to tell her straight that she did MAJOR lapses of judgment when she asked forgiveness from ousted president and plunder-guilty, Joseph “Erap” Estrada and saying that EDSA 2 was a mistake.

Cory apologized to Erap for helping civil society oust him in January 2001, although Erap had been convicted of plunder by the Sandiganbayan.

I am disappointed and saddened with Cory’s apology. Many of us who supported with the movement to oust Erap feel sad with Cory’s remarks made in public. No, I was not in Edsa in 2001. I was in Cebu that time but by principle, I did support and made my voice counted in Cebu’s Fuente Osmena circle. I have no regrets that I did it.

After hearing Cory’s apology, the civil society groups expressed that they have no regrets.

Cory’s remark was a public relations disaster. She was actually putting her credibility at risk. Now, getting hints from people’s reaction, Cory’s camp now claim that Cory was just making jokes.  Was it really intended to illicit laughter from an audience composed of highly-respected personality? I doubt. Cory really mean it.

I totally disagree Cory’s opinion that Edsa 2 was a mistake. It was right to oust an incompetent president. I was right to oust a leader who corrupted. Remember, Erap was guilty of plunder. That was just one proof. If Estrada continue to led the Philippines, we could have suffered more.

I am not saying that Gloria being the successor of Erap. It was the ouster of Erap that save us. Now, who needs to say sorry?