The curse of Sen. Mar Roxas

I am disgusted when someone whom I respect utter socially unacceptable words. It saddened me more when a highly respected legislator who has what it takes to become the next president of the nation behave as if he was in dark alleys of Metro Manila. I was so dismayed with the curse of Sen. Mar Roxas during the big rally against charter change in Makati.

The words of Mar Roxas were not appropriate and were very disgusting. Too bad that I cannot even write it here. I don’t use such words.

The good thing was, Sen. Mar Roxas was quick to apologize. But the delicate glass has been broken – the damage has been done. How many minors have heard his words? How many innocent souls will model him when they are angered over things.

For Mar Roxas, who expressed intention to become the next president, his act was very unbecoming.

Some of Mar Roxas’ supporters claim that it was just a normal for a man who is angered over repeated attempt to amend the constitution. Everyone gets angry. That is a fact. But to say bad words when one is angry is not an act of everyone – not for a national leader.

It was the first time the nation heard curse words from Mar Roxas. It may be the last because he may have learned a lesson but it could also be the first because the second, the third, the fourth will soon follow.

Will this affect Mar Roxas’ ambition to become president of the Philippines? Maybe yes, maybe no – we all don’t know.

Just for today, let us allow Mar Roxas to learn from his mistakes!