Joseph “Erap” Estrada: Opposition’s presidential standard-bearer in 2010?

Are Filipinos willing to push Erap back to Malacanang in 2010? This is ridiculous.

But the opposition is seriously and shamelessly considering the former President, Joseph “Erap” Estrada as the unifying candidate for the united opposition in 2010 presidential elections. report reads: Former senator Ernesto Maceda said five of six opposition presidentiables are willing to give up their ambition and allow Estrada to run again in 2010.

The opposition presidentiables, Maceda noted, include Senators Loren Legarda, Francis Escudero, Manuel Villar, Mar Roxas, and Panfilo Lacson and Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay. While he said five of them would be willing to give way to Estrada, he did not say who has not expressed intent to do so.

It was not also mentioned who among the six presidentiables will continue to run.

I do not know how opposition leaders got nerve to consider Erap as strong presidential bet in 2010. I do not know how the idea that Filipino people still likes Erap as the next president.

We’ve been there. Erap was already there and he had not proven his worth as the nation’s leader. In fact, he put more shame than anything else. Will we want a convicted plunderer to lead us again? NO WAY!

If the main purpose of the opposition is to defeat an administration candidate, then I should say that the opposition just want to get the throne back.

But first, before talking of having Erap again, the opposition must remember that Erap can no longer run for president.

Erap can aspire but he cannot run as president in 2010. The constitution remains as “the main stumbling block” of Erap.

Never again!

I believe I have, we have, enough reasons to say, never again for Joseph Estrada. I have no personal grudges against the former president but I think it is just for me to say “never again” for Estrada.

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