Amazing Feat: Philippine Bar Exams Trivia

If my wish is granted, I would like to stand before the topnotcher of the 2007 Philippine Bar Examination. I would ask Mercedita Ona, do you feel any pressure right now?

Her answer may be interesting, what do you think? Ona is not the first Filipina to top the bar. Being on top is not easy as being in the middle. The first woman to top the bar, Tecla San Andres-Ziga might had felt the pressure.

I visited, the official website of Atty. Ralph A. Sarmiento and read some amazing feats in the Philippine bar examinations. Here are some:

  • First woman to top the Bar (1st Place): Tecla San Andres-Ziga of the University of the Philippines placed No. 1 in the Bar Exams of 1930 with a grade of 89.4.
  • Highest grade of all time: 96.7 in the 1954 Bar Exams by Florenz Regalado of San Beda College.
  • Bar flunker who placed 1st on his second take: Francisco Noel R. Fernandez (University of the Philippines) failed in the 1993 Bar Exams but placed No. 1 in the 1994 Bar Exams with a grade of 89.2.

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