Cebu Governor Gwendolyn Garcia for Vice President?

Cebu’s first lady governor might become Philippines’ first vice president!

Gibo-Garcia tandem_Photo credit: Micheal Ong

Gibo-Garcia tandem. Photo credit: Michael Victor Ong

Today’s top story of The Philippine Star, Gibo-Gwen tandem emerging for Lakas, hints Gov. Gwen’s alliance to administration’s presidential bet, Defense Secretary Gilbert ‘Gibo’ Teodoro.

Has Garcia tempted to seek higher position? No one knows yet. The report in The Philippine Star says:

The tandem of Lakas-Kampi standard-bearer Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro and Cebu Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia for the 2010 elections is emerging as negotiations for what the administration sees as a powerhouse team-up are nearing the homestretch, officials said yesterday.

The report only mentioned ‘official’ and ‘the source’ making the story appears like test field of Teodoro-Garcia tandem. Gov. Gwen’s vice presidential bid remained as rumor.

Several months ago her name has been floated as good candidate for vice president. Gov. Gwen was cold on that hot news. She manifested that she will continue to serve as governor in Cebu rather than seek national position.

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Moro-moro: The Battles between Mayor Tomas Osmeña and Gov. Gwen Garcia

There is a perfect combination of dramatic and comic elements in the conflict between Cebu City mayor Tomas Osmeña and Cebu governor Gwendolyn Garcia.  Their drama revolves on the plot of jealousy and honor.

I can’t help but get amused to Mayor Tomas and Governor Gwen who are both highly respected Cebu leaders. Both always give me a good laugh with their childish remarks. Much more on their respective graciosos (comical supporters) who do everything just to defend their galanes and damas.

We can look back to the very controversial and already shelved, land swap deal between the Cebu City government and the Cebu Provincial government. Since then, Cebuanos witnessed series of political vendetta and heard harsh exchanges of words.

No less than beloved Cebu Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal tried to mediate the two leader but none of them listened. instead they continue to exchange harsh remarks.

I should have ignored this. I should have laughed silently when I hear the very immature and childish talk of these leaders.

However, recently, I almost lost my respect to both of them as I laugh out loud. Look at the picture below. It shows Gov. Gwen Garcia wearing black outfit and showing image of a rooster.

Gov. Gwen Garcia: Did she made a point by wearing weird costumes?

No, Gov. Gwen was not in a costume party nor go to a stage play. She was wearing the weird costume to show off to Cebu media in a press conference. I don’t see a point why she needed to change costume.

Mayor Tomas Osmeña

Now the talk of the town was mayor Osmeña’s calling Gwen Garcia as “Tandang  Zorra”. I asked my friends but they too, don’t know what “Tandang  Zorra” means.

Does it refer to “Tandang Sora” or Melchora Aquino? Thus the name suggests that Gov. Gwen is old? Or does it refer to the female version of Zorro? Why not called Gov. Gwen as Tangdang Gwen instead?

Whatever “Tandang  Zorra” means, that’s none of my business. However, in a recent press conference in Cebu Provincial capitol, reporters  got amazed with what Gov. Gwen did. For humor sake, I suggest to continue reading.

Here’s one of reporter’s recount in Cebu Daily News.

  • The governor showed off her small waste line, which she said is something that other politicians do not have.
  • She also referred to Osmeña as someone who was once a “spring chicken” who has already aged.
  • While she spoke, the governor suddenly walked into an adjoining room, which she uses as resting area. When she emerged two minutes later, she was now wearing a black cape and cowboy hat and was holding a figurine of a rooster.
  • Come on chicken, let’s play chicken… Come on chicken, are you chicken… taktaktaktak,” Garcia teasingly said referring to her observations that Mayor Osmeña and other city officials seemed to be in a panic because of the provincial government’s interest on SRP.
  • She again entered her adjoining room and had a white feather in hand when she emerged. She used the feather to rob chicken’s body as if teasing it and posing for the camera.
  • When Garcia entered her adjoining room for the third time, she took off her props before she returned to her office table to again address media queries.

What a dramatic action!

See? If Gov. Gwen Garcia is Tandang Zorra, then Mayor Tomas Osmeña as Spring Chicken.

I don’t have any idea what other ridiculous acts I can hear from both Osmena and Garcia in the future.

Just for today, I am grateful that both are not national leaders, otherwise, the nation will become a big carnival having already numerous clowns in Malacañang, Lower House, and Senate.

My apologies, honorable men!