Senate inquiry on sex video scandal: Out of direction, out of focus

Unless the Philippine Senate is a barber shop, the good senators should stop at once wading through the Hayden Kho – Katrina Halili sex video scandal.

On Thursday (May 28, 2009) a Senate committee led by Sen. Jamby Madrigal had an inquiry on the sex video scandal. This is after Senator Ramon Revilla Jr. delivered a privilege speech describing Dr. Hayden Kho as “a maniac, pervert of the highest kind, a predator who has no conscience nor respect for women.”

As expected Senators Ramon Revilla Jr., Jinggoy Estrada were present. These Senators, along with Jamby Madrigal are known to get into the center stage on issues with cinematic effect.

I was not surprised when Sen. Jinggoy Estrada and the committee insisted that the senate hearing must be publicly done. Lawyer of Dr. Hayden Kho appeal for a private (closed-door meeting). Of course the three senators who are all desperate to get close-up on camera will not allow to loss an opportunity to appear on national television.
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