Gloria Macapagal Arroyo: A Survivor

On November 26, 2008, Philippine mass media reported: The President Survives 4th Impeachment! And foreign press reported it, too! And why not? Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is one of the most powerful women in the world.

GMA: Survivor

For the record, President Arroyo survives four impeachment complaint. Former President Joseph Estrada who was convicted to plunder did not sustain one impeachment complaint.

The first of attempt to impeach GMA was in 2005 for the alleged vote-tampering and betrayal of public trust. The Congress being dominated by her political party rejected the charges. The opposition tried to impeach Arroyo again in 2006 and 2007 but like the previous complaints, those were rejected by the Congress.

The fourth impeachment complaint was filed by Joey de Venecia and supported by his father, ousted speaker of the House, Jose de Venecia. GMA survived it easily. And why not? The 4th impeachment case was nothing than just a resurrected charges, it dit not carry convincing facts and evidence.

When the fourth impeachment was filed, I doubt it. I mean, I never believe it will gain strength.

I was right. The latest impeachment case for Arroyo was less talked about. Prominent political, civil, business, and religious figures seem silent about it.

Filipinos are indeed experiencing impeachment fatigue. We are so accustomed to it that we don’t even talk much about it.

Gloria survives!Gloria is indeed a survivor. She survived military adventurism.

Why does Arroyo always survives

  • GMA is an engineer. Yes, she is an economist but she is an engineer, too. No, she doesn’t have Engineering degree. But she expertly engineer and re-engineer her political quest. The ouster of Estrada was her perfect launchpad. While she lost strength in Manila, she make herself stronger in provinces. GMA knows well how to lubricate her machinery.
  • GMA is symphatizer. Yes, she emphatized to congressmen and other elected officials who are just recieving mininal renumeration for their services to this nation. To make them live decently, thousands of pesos is wrapped as advance christmas gift.
  • GMA is fair. Her men learn that trait from her. So why should you wonder if you hear reports that tulay ng pangulo are built to where there is no river; and fertilizers are applied to buildings?
  • GMA is human. Yes, she too have feelings and she knows when to say sorry.
  • GMA is workaholic. That’s what I admire her most. She work too much for this nation – for me, for you – for all. Ever wonder why she still works even in golf course?
  • GMA is simply wonderful president!

What else should I say? What should they pray?

Unnecessary Distraction

There is nothing new on the fourth impeachment case file against President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. It is still the same self-centered and selfish move.

It is insanity. And insanity, Albert Einstein said, is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

I am not surprised with the move of Joey de Venecia III. The charges against GMA: betrayal of public trust,

culpable violations of the Constitution, bribery, graft and corruption and other high crimes are equally not
surprising. This has been the same charges filed on early impeachment complaints.

But it is sad to note that such serious charges turned trvial. And Filipino people don’t buy such unnecessary distraction of the govenment.

While every is concerned on how we as one nation cope with the global financial crisis, the group of Joey de Venecia III try to divert attention with their fourth impeachment case.

Forgive me Joey de Venecia III, but I really suspect that your cause is for your personal goals and not for common good.

See? The filing of impeachment case does not even move the Filipino people.

As the Manila Standard notes:

Four of the country’s top business leaders have already expressed dismay over De Venecia’s move: Edgardo Lacson of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Sergio Ortiz-Luis Jr. of Philexport, and Donald Dee and Miguel Varela of the Employers’ Confederation of the Philippines.

The four pillars of the business sector were visibly angry over De Venecia’s move, noting that the impeachment bid came at a time when the world is talking about a global economic collapse that would definitely have an impact on the country.

Poor Joey but now majority are dismayed with his irresponsible action.

The wise men in the lower congress won’t but Joey’s apple because they know they will be poisoned. If they support him, people will learn to hate them.

After all, the concern of most of the Filipino people is coping up with tough global economic situation.

Erap in 2010: Aspire but cannot run

Members of a group called “Erap for 2010 President Movement” headed by certain Vince Avena reportedly pooled their money to print “ERAP 2010” stickers. The stickers are for nationwide distribution aimed to convince the Filipino people to support Erap’s presidential bid in the 2010 elections.

In Philippine Star report, Vince Avena said, “[t]o bring him (Estrada) back is to correct the wrong that we have suffered at the hands of anti-poor people. I am just an ordinary citizen who wants to help the Filipino people” The same report quoted Avena saying, “[a] true leader must have a true love for the masses, love for the people. We produced quite a number of ERAP 2010 stickers to campaign for his return to power. The ERAP for 2010 president movement is initiated by a group of friends who believe that Erap is the man we need to lift our country from poverty.”

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