Ellah Joy Pique and Child Pornography in Cebu

The story of an innocent child who was abused, murdered, and thrown just like garbage is an often heard news to Philippine communities. I’ve heard and read it many times.

But still, I could not believe when I read that a naked 6-year-old girl […] (and) drenched with her own blood was thrown over a cliff by a road in Guibuangan, Barili, Cebu. (Read ABS-CBNnews.com story)

Justice for Ellah Joy Pique

The poor victim was Ellah Joy Pique, a grade one pupil from Minglanilla town in Cebu. Ellah Joy Pique’s story drawn the interest among  Cebuano’s and the cry for justice thundered not only from the sleepy hometown of Ella Joy but among the elites in the Metro (Cebu).

The very brutal killing of an innocent 6-year-old girl in February 2011 is still a mystery until now although authorities are now show a pretty-sure-face after getting a major blow and shame for getting-wrong-guys

I am among thousands of Cebuano’s who call for justice for Ella Joy and his family. I join the prayers for all the child victims who like Ella Joy wait for real justice.

Like many celebrated crime the call for justice for Ella Joy landed in Facebook. It has less than a thousand supporters as of this week (in April 2011).

Several months ago, there was a movement in Facebook that pushed members to change their profile picture in support of children’s rights. I am hoping that the same movement would take child pornography.

Ellah Joy Pique, a victim of Child Pornography?

Authorities and the public consistently look into the angle of pedophilia and child pornography.

Police claimed that Ellah Joy Pique was a victim of child pornography Cebu Daily News reported.

Cebu’s High Incidence of Sex Trafficking of Minors

Child pornography in Cebu has not been a secret. In fact, the Children’s Legal Bureau (CBL) have pointed Cordova, a small town in Mactan Island in Cebu, as having the highest incidence of sex trafficking of minors, Cebu Daily News reported on March 2011.

The same report revealed that most child-trafficking cases occur in Minglanilla town in south Cebu and the cities of Lapu-Lapu and Talisay as noted by Noemi Truya-Abarientos, spokesperson of CBL.

Ellah Joy Pique came from Minglanilla where, according to Children’s Legal Bureau, most child-trafficking cases occur.

Online Child Pornography

With easy access to high-speed internet connection, anyone can engage in the multi-billion dollar industry (over $97 Billion total worldwide revenue in 2006 according to figures cited by Family Safe Media) The Philippines is among the top 10 grosser!

Child pornography is just a tip of the iceberg. It is most profitable however because children easily get lured to an amount considered low by adults.

Internet pornography comes in many form – nudity, live show, erotic dance, and anything the client want.

It seems privacy and “safety” is no longer considered as major factor. While mostly done in private room, some children are doing “shows” in internet cafe and even in neighborhood’s peso-peso internet.

Anti-Child Pornography

It is interesting to note that the Philippines has yet-to known-law to almost anything. We have Republic Act 9775 or the Anti-Child Pornography Act (2009) but this remains a paper. Have you heard a fat-man and fat-women get into prison because of violation of RA 9775 lately?

Cebu’s Known Dark Secret

Child pornography has become a known dark secret of Cebu. The city and the provincial governments have yet to come up with concrete and long term solution to this. It looks like petty crime that it gets less attention until it cause major turmoil in the society.

Shall we wait for the day when we witness our government taking a sincere bold step in caring for our children? Or shall we take a stand and protect our children in our own little way?

As we wait, let our children suffer. Let our future carry the burden. And let us hope, continue to hope, and never get tired hoping.

Nerissa Soon-Ruiz: The next Mandaue City Mayor?

Rep. Nerissa Soon-Ruiz (6th district, Province of Cebu) confirmed to reporters that she will run for mayor in Mandaue City in 2010 national and local elections. Rep. Soon-Ruiz denied earlier reports that she will run for mayor in Lapu-Lapu city.

Rep. Soon-Ruiz is now on her third term as Representative.

Rep. Nerissa Soon-Ruiz, however admitted that her husband, DILG Undersecretary Lito Ruiz, might run for mayor of Lapu-Lapu City if majority of the people asked him to run.

Thus, we can say that Nerissa is for Mandaue City; Lito is for Lapu-Lapu City. If both won, Nerissa Soon-Ruiz and Lito Ruiz will be the first couple to lead Mandaue City and Lapu-Lapu City at the same time. If that happens, Mandaue City and Lapu-Lapu City will not only be tagged as bridge cities but couple (conjugal) cities as well.

Nerissa Soon-Ruiz, a member of KAMPI and the One Cebu party, has been elected five terms as a member of the House of Representatives, representing the 6th district of the Province Cebu from 1992 to 1998, and from 2001 to present.

In 1995,  Nerissa Soon-Ruiz run as Mandaue City mayor but lost to Thadeo Ouano. She eventually returned to Congress.

If the present mayor of Mandaue, Jonas Cortes run for second term, then he will be facing against a seasoned politician, Nerissa Soon-Ruiz.

As the the present administration of Mayor Jonas Cortes is hurled with criticism of ineptitude, the people of  Mandaue will likely turn to Nerissa Soon-Ruiz who knows how to pamper constituents.