Why Noynoy?

I am amazed with the recent media hype to make Noynoy run for president in 2010. After the death of his mother, former President Cory Aquino, Noynoy’s supporters suddenly surfaced.The excitement are becoming more intense with the catch that Noynoy is the only hope for this nation. The Noynoy Aquino magic is born!

Instead of going to political maturity, we seemed go backward. We go back to the time when we entrust our fate to magic and unseen forces. Are you going to blindly follow the wave and entrust the fate of this nation to a magic born out of sympathy? Obviously, the blind support to Noynoy is just a sympathetic move to ease the pain of losing a mother. Making Noynoy as president is too much!

Recently, Mar Roxas, announced that he will support Noynoy for president. But Noynoy has not yet decided if he will really run. The announcement of Mar made him an instant hero. If Noynoy decided not to run in 2010, Mar’s rating will surely get a significant boost. If Mar Roxas run as Noynoy’s vice president, the team will be a strong force in 2010 elections. I wonder, why Mar made an early announcement when Noynoy has not yet decided. What’s the catch Mar? Or is this part of ‘magic’ – a way so that we will talk about them?

Why Noynoy? As I wrote in my previous post, Noynoy has not yet proven his worth. He is only son of Cory and Ninoy. Being son of national icons are not enough guarantee that he will serve well. He also need to learn how to become a good statesman. Currently, he just echo the criticism of popular critic of the Arroyo administration.

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Manny Villar: Victim of political persecution?

Sen. Manuel Villar claimed that he is.

He complained that the ethics complaint filed against him is politically motivated. Obviously, whatever the politicians do are politically motivated. They are called politicians, aren’t they?

Let us make it clear the issue against Sen. Manny Villar is not only the double insertion of P200 million to an approved budget of C-5 road project. The biggest issue here is why C-5 road’s original plan was changed to traverse the properties of Villar. Because of this, Sen. Manny Villar and his wife, Las Piñas Rep. Cynthia Villar gets benefited.

Of course, Senators Mar Roxas and Panfilo Lacson take this opportunity to put down Sen. Manny Villar as he is their biggest threat for their ambition in 2010. This is both about elections. This is also about exposing how politicians advanced their personal interest.

See? Elections benefit us in many ways. Political quarrels give us many opportunities to dissect politicians. At the same time, political war slows down our nation’s progress.

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ABS-CBN, the Lopezes, and the 2010 election

ABS-CBN’s Boto Mo, I-Patrol Mo: Ako ang Simula is a good example of how mass media take part in the transformation of our society. While it’s too early to talk on the impact of  Boto Mo, I-Patrol Mo: Ako ang Simula, it’s launching in May 11, 2009 proved on how citizens get excited on being involved in getting and sharing information.

Which way ABS-CBN will take in 2010? As TV giant and with its nationwide reach, it surely gets high impact among voters. While ABS-CBN project itself as an independent media, we cannot forget the fact that media companies cannot always distance itself from its owners. Will ABS-CBN’s coverage in 2010 elections cannot be tinted with bias to politicians the Lopezes are siding with?

The Lopez family has businesses to protect so it is difficult to believe that the family remains neutral in 2010.

To whom will Lopez family side with in 2010? Most likely, ABS-CBN supports to candidates who also sided with its owners. Of course, the biases of ABS-CBN, whatever they are, are highly unnoticeable.

Recently, ABS-CBN news anchor Korina Sanchez her love affairs to Mar Roxas gets heavy airtime in various program in ABS-CBN. We all know that Mar Roxas is aggressively positioning himself to win in 2010 and ABS-CBN’s exposure to her relationship with Korina will surely gets impact.

Here’s the question: Are the Lopezes favor Mar?

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Politics of Mar and Korina’s love affair

I’m beginning to entertain suspicion that the Mar and Korina’s well-publicized romance is a political strategy motivated by personal ambitions of both.

It is not wrong to dream Malacanang. Mar has not sinned for selling and driving anything he could just to dine with fellow political dreamers in Malacanang for six years (Assuming that the 1987 Philippine Constitution is not changed or amended).

Korina has not sinned for being ‘so’ ready to get her lion’s share of power in Malacanang.

I never care whether Korina loves Mar or Mar loves Korina or both loves each other. It’s senseless to talk about it. It’s their personal life. But when both use their romance to advance political ambitions, I begin to suspect that everything is scripted. It seems I am seeing a PR manager at play.

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What were Mar and Korina thinking?

I heard my friends talking about Korina Sanchez and Mar Roxas in Wowowie (ABS-CBN noontime show). Then I watched the video clip. I was amazed how traditional politician like Mar Roxas can stage a dramatic and over-acting political show on national TV.

What were Mar Roxas and Korina Sanchez thinking
, Professional Heckler’s PADYAK PA! PADYAK! noted.

Mar Roxas is trying hard to create a masa image but as he exerts more effort the more his trapo color becomes clear. His Padyak ads can attest that, too.

What were Mar Roxas and Korina Sanchez thinking? Votes in 2010.

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Political Stunts of Manny and Mar

With their signature colors, Senators Manny Villar and Mar Roxas are venturing into old tricks yet glamorous political stunts.  It’s amazingly annoying to see both ambitious individuals trying to sell themselves for 2010.

There is no need to argue that both are just promoting their advocacy because obviously they are doing everything to get into Malacanang.

Of course it is not bad to seek the highest position. And I don’t want to suggest that they’ll stop doing their marketing activities because 2010 is too close.

In one TV ad of Manny, he is seen standing in muddy field as he was acting as helping a duck farmer. And to my amazement, he was shown wiping his dirty hands on his orange shirt. And it was a close-up! It was disgustingly unnatural. Manny’s PR guys must go to Salug Valley in Mindanao and consult the farmers there how to wipe dirty hands on shirts!

Of course I love seeing Manny piling hollow blocks! I love to see him without the benefit of lights, camera, and director.

Mar, being among the weak material for presidential election in 2010 takes off with his offensive media stunts. In fact Mar is very visible now, trying to get as many interviews as he can. He also targeting the grassroots by airing radio ads about cheaper medicine and about insurance mess.

What is interesting for Mar is his sudden change of political mask – from calm and smart-sounding leader, he tried to take the role of a brave street activist which surprised many observers. Is he trying to create an image of former Senator Aquino who bravely attack the strongman – Ferdinand Marcos?

Manny and Mar have many things in common. Both are into political adverturism. Both are wealthy. Both wants to sleep in Malacanang for six years or more.

Manny has support from local executives but Mar has a woman  – Korina – to enchant voters. Isn’t Imelda took big role in Marcos’ presidential campaign? Imelda had an appeal that masses never forget. Unfortunately,  Korina don’t possess such aura.

So Manny and Mar must spend more of their wealth to increase their chances in 2010!

Mar Roxas: New tough-talking Oppositionist

It took the President, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo several weeks before she decided to dramatize her very famous “I am sorry” line. Her apologies came after the heated issues on “Hello Garci”. GMA said sorry for calling a COMELEC officials during elections.

It took former Senator Tessie Aquino-Oreta years before she publicly apologize for being caught in the camera doing a jig (dancing) during the impeachment trial of former president Joseph Estrada. People was offended by the dancing moves of the former senator.

Mar Roxas: new political tough guy?

Here comes Sen. Mar Roxas who was quoted by Inquirer.net saying, I am not sorry. I am not sorry for speaking my mind and telling the truth as I see it. I am not sorry for expressing my real feelings and my rage in behalf of the people I love whom I love.

Mar Roxas determined to stand on what he said during the Makati rally. At the Senate Mar Roxas delivered a privilege speech saying he would never apologize for his expletive-laced speech during the rally.

In his column, Jojo Robles of the Manila Standard, asked: Why should he, when he’s trying really hard to remake himself into a tough-talking oppositionist who is always ready to attack the Arroyo administration— with foul language, if necessary?

But Roxas claimed that he just said what he felt and he was not hyprocrite. But did he really need to say foul-language? Some things are not necessary. He can still be tough without saying bad words.

Now, Mar Roxas is one of those tough guys against the Arroyo presidency. He is earning admiration for that while losing some respect.