Politics of Mar and Korina’s love affair

I’m beginning to entertain suspicion that the Mar and Korina’s well-publicized romance is a political strategy motivated by personal ambitions of both.

It is not wrong to dream Malacanang. Mar has not sinned for selling and driving anything he could just to dine with fellow political dreamers in Malacanang for six years (Assuming that the 1987 Philippine Constitution is not changed or amended).

Korina has not sinned for being ‘so’ ready to get her lion’s share of power in Malacanang.

I never care whether Korina loves Mar or Mar loves Korina or both loves each other. It’s senseless to talk about it. It’s their personal life. But when both use their romance to advance political ambitions, I begin to suspect that everything is scripted. It seems I am seeing a PR manager at play.

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