FOSS as Alternative to Software Piracy

Those who installed illegally acquired software in their PC have many reasons as you can imagine. Some say buying pirated software is the best alternative to very expensive proprietary software. Another argue that if it’s not used commercially, there is nothing wrong about it. Some point out that without that pirated software, they can not run their PC because license is too expensive for an ordinary user.

I will not over-emphasize here the economic and social impact of software piracy. I will do that in separate article. This is my response to several reactions among friends who said that advocacy against software piracy is like bumping one’s head to blank walls and likened it fighting against windmills (Don Quijote dela Mancha). It seems there are no other ways than to use pirated software.

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Microsoft Office vs. OpenOffice

Choices! There are many choices. Early this year, a friend ask me if he needs to say goodbye to his MS Office 2003 to welcome 2007 Microsoft Office system (Microsoft Office 2007).

Instead of an answer, I asked, “why not give a try?” Then, I cracked a joke, “give me your money for that pretty expensive software and I will give you free office tool – the OpenOffice. Several days later, we started to use Office 2007 at work. My friend then frequently ask about what pretty features Office 2007 has.

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