Old Songs

Tonight my heart sings. My melodies waft through the breeze of pristine evening. When everyone sleeps with serenity, my heart incessantly chant even no one listens, even no one hears. My heart sings until its melody fades out like darkness at dawn.

My heart sings olds songs to refresh the memories that sustain my hope. With silent prayers that someone out there listens, my heart sings the songs with notes of smile, of encouragement, of admiration, of promises, of hope, of assurance, of shattered dreams.

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I really never knew what I wanted until I was in a career I believe that I wanted, only to realize that I wanted something else.

Choosing a career indeed put me in crossroads.

No one knew but when I was in grade school, I wanted to become priest, or become the Pope, and saint. I didn’t know why.

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