My Vote for the 2009 Bloggers’ Choice Award (Visayas)

I vote for the blog of Cebu Bloggers Society (CBS) for the 2009 Bloggers’ Choice Award in the Visayas.

Visayas Bloggers’ Choice Award is one of the special award given by the Philippine Blog Awards (PBA) to a blog in the Visayas that gained most support from bloggers.

The nomination of CBS blog excites many members of the Visayas blogging community. Although the blog is younger compared to most of CBS member’s blog, its influence is phenomenal. Perhaps it is because the blog contains up to date information and provides readers various topics. As it is maintained by a group of bloggers, the blog serves as home of CBS members who share common ideals, vision, and aspiration.

In addition to Visayas Blogger’s Choice Award, the PBA 2009 also give these awards: Best Visayan Blog, Best Visayas Locale Blog, and Best Visayas Nature Blogger.

PBA 2009

The Philippine Blog Awards in the Visayas will be held on October 18, 20o9, 7:00 PM at the Ayala City Sports, Cebu Business Park.

Please register to reserve your seats.