Responsible Press

For a journalist, it is always risky to write news out of unverified information. Except for sensational reporter, a responsible journalist adheres the basic principles of journalism – truthfulness, accuracy, objectivity, impartiality, fairness, and public accountability.

Half-baked stories are sure hit – increase readership, ratings; more revenue. But there are risks.

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Good news is good

We are accustomed to read and hear issues and scandals; and even lured to sensational news. Crimes, scandalous government and private transactions, break-ups of famous showbiz couple, and gossips are juicy and get more space and airtime.

Stories about growth and development appear to be ordinary and less appealing. Most likely, these “good news” are given less priority.

We’ve been hearing complaints about media highlighting only the bad news, Lorenzo Niñal observed.

While many wants to read and hear more “good news” from mass media, I doubt Filipinos can sustain a week without any reports about issues and controversies. I’m even afraid if it happens.

Press mirrors our society. We are not a Utopia nor a community of robots. As we journey we stumble upon conflicts, thus issues surface.

A friend noted, “we suffer overdose of negative reports”. However, he admitted that we cannot stop media from reporting or highlighting “bad” news. After all, that’s most of us want.

We have options though. We can filter news and get only what we desire. To get a healthy dosage of the day’s information, I hang out to Good News Pilipinas, a pretty good site that reports all good things about Philippines and Filipinos.

While the dramatic and trivial episodes of Senate investigation on alleged anomalous NBN deal upset me at times, I also get a big grin while reading about “good news”.

Take good news to nourish you and bad news as stabilizer. After all, we can murmur: good news and bad news a day keep doctors away.

Really? Smile, just for today.

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