Seeking way out

In the recent national issue – aborted National Broadband Network (NBN) – ZTE (China) deal, the buzzword is “seeking for truth”. There are also nice-sounding “mass for truth”, “prayer for truth”, and CBCP’s call for “communal action”.

We are eager to know the truth as who are involved in the alleged “kickback” or “commission” – whatever we may call it. We equally welcome and waited for the missing link that directly point the Palace as the force behind the alleged anomalous deal. Unless we see this missing link, the clamor continues. If the link does not really exist and if proofs free the Palace from the anomaly, suspicion of cover-up will surely surface. Whether we like it or not, many – through mass media, already found the Palace “guilty”.

We have been in the long journey of seeking the truth with faith that truth will set this nation free. We quest for these freedom: freedom from constant political turbulence, freedom from economic setbacks, freedom from corruption and wrongdoings in the government and private sector.

The Filipino nation is getting sick and tired of being so politically and economically sick and tired. While everyone is seeking way out of this desperate condition, each faces the national dilemma as to “how”. This national dilemma is clearly manifested in the Senate investigation to the alleged NBN-ZTE anomalous deal.

As an observer to the Senate investigation and to the reaction of some religious and civil society groups, I wonder what is the direction of this nation.

The alleged anomalous deal, the Senate inquiry, the clamor of the people, mistrust to government leaders, the overdose of media coverage, exaggeration, are not new since we overthrow the dictatorial government.

We never slept and awaken without controversy. Many are already immune of it. Some are making fun and money by playing with it. One reason of this is the lack of cohesiveness among the Filipino nation. Another is uncontrolled emotion. We push leaders up like gods, and pull them down like evils.

We condemn criminals and later tag them as better than the other, and even hail them as “hero”. We are consistently inconsistent. It seems its difficult to stand – it’s easy to follow where the multitude are.

In the end, we will lately realize that we are blind followers marching towards dead end.

JGG|Mandaue City
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