The Problem with Noynoy for President Movement

Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III never get much attention until the much mourned death of his mother, former president Corazon “Cory” Aquino.

Right after the burial of the former president, supporters of Noynoy began to surface urging him to run as president in 2010 elections. Obviously, Noynoy’s fanatics foresee his victory based on the the number of people who paid tribute to the remains of Cory and those who were in funeral procession. This is often tagged as “the Aquino magic”.

Now, even Noynoy Aquino has not officially announced that he will run as president in 2010, Sen. Mar Roxas already announced his intention not to pursue his plan to run as president to give way on the candidacy of  Sen. Noynoy.

Mar’s announcement was a big political surprise. We all know how Mar position himself to get into Malacanang in 2010. Mar has spent a lot of resources already – time, money, effort. His decision should not be very easy for him. We cannot ignore the reality that Mar Roxas got qualifications than Noynoy. I should not forget to mention that Mar has proven his worth with his accomplishments as DTI Secretary and as Senator. Noynoy, since he run for Senate, continue to live on the shadow of his parents. He had not done much to hint us once he become president. But why did Mar give way to Noynoy? If we can only read his mind, we’ll get quick answer.

These recent developments boost the Noynoy for president movement. The clamor to make Noynoy as president has become a hype.

This proves that Filipinos major basis to elect leaders is popularity. Competence is least considered. Now, would you still asked why we had elected an action star? Perhaps you have now understood why some people push Manny Pacquiao to run as congressman. No wonder a presidential aspirant did his marriage proposal on a noontime show. The reason is quite obvious why noontime host Willie Revillame is rumored to run for senator.

The problem of the hype to make Noynoy as president is that it is based on sympathy rather than an intelligent decision. The assessment that Filipino voters decide based on their emotion rather than reason is being proven. This happened before when Filipinos elected an actor with faith that the action star’s movie roles would lived well in national governance.

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Why Noynoy?

I am amazed with the recent media hype to make Noynoy run for president in 2010. After the death of his mother, former President Cory Aquino, Noynoy’s supporters suddenly surfaced.The excitement are becoming more intense with the catch that Noynoy is the only hope for this nation. The Noynoy Aquino magic is born!

Instead of going to political maturity, we seemed go backward. We go back to the time when we entrust our fate to magic and unseen forces. Are you going to blindly follow the wave and entrust the fate of this nation to a magic born out of sympathy? Obviously, the blind support to Noynoy is just a sympathetic move to ease the pain of losing a mother. Making Noynoy as president is too much!

Recently, Mar Roxas, announced that he will support Noynoy for president. But Noynoy has not yet decided if he will really run. The announcement of Mar made him an instant hero. If Noynoy decided not to run in 2010, Mar’s rating will surely get a significant boost. If Mar Roxas run as Noynoy’s vice president, the team will be a strong force in 2010 elections. I wonder, why Mar made an early announcement when Noynoy has not yet decided. What’s the catch Mar? Or is this part of ‘magic’ – a way so that we will talk about them?

Why Noynoy? As I wrote in my previous post, Noynoy has not yet proven his worth. He is only son of Cory and Ninoy. Being son of national icons are not enough guarantee that he will serve well. He also need to learn how to become a good statesman. Currently, he just echo the criticism of popular critic of the Arroyo administration.

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ABS-CBN, the Lopezes, and the 2010 election

ABS-CBN’s Boto Mo, I-Patrol Mo: Ako ang Simula is a good example of how mass media take part in the transformation of our society. While it’s too early to talk on the impact of  Boto Mo, I-Patrol Mo: Ako ang Simula, it’s launching in May 11, 2009 proved on how citizens get excited on being involved in getting and sharing information.

Which way ABS-CBN will take in 2010? As TV giant and with its nationwide reach, it surely gets high impact among voters. While ABS-CBN project itself as an independent media, we cannot forget the fact that media companies cannot always distance itself from its owners. Will ABS-CBN’s coverage in 2010 elections cannot be tinted with bias to politicians the Lopezes are siding with?

The Lopez family has businesses to protect so it is difficult to believe that the family remains neutral in 2010.

To whom will Lopez family side with in 2010? Most likely, ABS-CBN supports to candidates who also sided with its owners. Of course, the biases of ABS-CBN, whatever they are, are highly unnoticeable.

Recently, ABS-CBN news anchor Korina Sanchez her love affairs to Mar Roxas gets heavy airtime in various program in ABS-CBN. We all know that Mar Roxas is aggressively positioning himself to win in 2010 and ABS-CBN’s exposure to her relationship with Korina will surely gets impact.

Here’s the question: Are the Lopezes favor Mar?

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Political Stunts of Manny and Mar

With their signature colors, Senators Manny Villar and Mar Roxas are venturing into old tricks yet glamorous political stunts.  It’s amazingly annoying to see both ambitious individuals trying to sell themselves for 2010.

There is no need to argue that both are just promoting their advocacy because obviously they are doing everything to get into Malacanang.

Of course it is not bad to seek the highest position. And I don’t want to suggest that they’ll stop doing their marketing activities because 2010 is too close.

In one TV ad of Manny, he is seen standing in muddy field as he was acting as helping a duck farmer. And to my amazement, he was shown wiping his dirty hands on his orange shirt. And it was a close-up! It was disgustingly unnatural. Manny’s PR guys must go to Salug Valley in Mindanao and consult the farmers there how to wipe dirty hands on shirts!

Of course I love seeing Manny piling hollow blocks! I love to see him without the benefit of lights, camera, and director.

Mar, being among the weak material for presidential election in 2010 takes off with his offensive media stunts. In fact Mar is very visible now, trying to get as many interviews as he can. He also targeting the grassroots by airing radio ads about cheaper medicine and about insurance mess.

What is interesting for Mar is his sudden change of political mask – from calm and smart-sounding leader, he tried to take the role of a brave street activist which surprised many observers. Is he trying to create an image of former Senator Aquino who bravely attack the strongman – Ferdinand Marcos?

Manny and Mar have many things in common. Both are into political adverturism. Both are wealthy. Both wants to sleep in Malacanang for six years or more.

Manny has support from local executives but Mar has a woman  – Korina – to enchant voters. Isn’t Imelda took big role in Marcos’ presidential campaign? Imelda had an appeal that masses never forget. Unfortunately,  Korina don’t possess such aura.

So Manny and Mar must spend more of their wealth to increase their chances in 2010!

Mar Roxas: New tough-talking Oppositionist

It took the President, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo several weeks before she decided to dramatize her very famous “I am sorry” line. Her apologies came after the heated issues on “Hello Garci”. GMA said sorry for calling a COMELEC officials during elections.

It took former Senator Tessie Aquino-Oreta years before she publicly apologize for being caught in the camera doing a jig (dancing) during the impeachment trial of former president Joseph Estrada. People was offended by the dancing moves of the former senator.

Mar Roxas: new political tough guy?

Here comes Sen. Mar Roxas who was quoted by saying, I am not sorry. I am not sorry for speaking my mind and telling the truth as I see it. I am not sorry for expressing my real feelings and my rage in behalf of the people I love whom I love.

Mar Roxas determined to stand on what he said during the Makati rally. At the Senate Mar Roxas delivered a privilege speech saying he would never apologize for his expletive-laced speech during the rally.

In his column, Jojo Robles of the Manila Standard, asked: Why should he, when he’s trying really hard to remake himself into a tough-talking oppositionist who is always ready to attack the Arroyo administration— with foul language, if necessary?

But Roxas claimed that he just said what he felt and he was not hyprocrite. But did he really need to say foul-language? Some things are not necessary. He can still be tough without saying bad words.

Now, Mar Roxas is one of those tough guys against the Arroyo presidency. He is earning admiration for that while losing some respect.

Senators: New Breed of Product Endorsers?

The reporters and news anchors of ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs cannot endorse a product. If they do, they must pack up their things and find their luck to other media organizations where news archors and news reporters appear as endorsers during commercial breaks of a primetime news. ABS-CBN reporters and news anchor have option to shift to showbiz career if they really wish to endorse products. They have another exciting options though – run for public office, senator preferably, and presto, they can start-up another career as senator-product endorser. They can immediately join the new breed of product endorsers.

In ABS-CBN, it is clearly stipulated on their policies that News and Public affairs men must not endorse products because the network protects and preserves the integrity of News and Current Affairs. This might be the among the reason why CNN, BBC, NBC at Fox News highly respect ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs men.

In the Philippine Senate, no senators are barred from endorsing a product. There are no policies that prevent a senator to endorse whatever products – wine, bath soap, detergent, toothpaste, bathroom tissue, herbal food supplements.

I insist the Philippine Senate don’t need to impose such policies because senators are supposed to have sound judgment, high ethical standards, and unbiased on certain products and services.

Isn’t endorsing a brand of detergent a form of bias towards a single detergent manufacturer?

Or should I say that unlike ABS-CBN, the Philippine Senate do not need to protect its integrity as an institution because the word ‘integrity’ has long been lost?

Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago recently lambasted the new breed of product endorsers – the Philippine Senators – insisting that appearing on advertisements already qualify as early political campaign. I don’t like to join the legal game of Sen. Santiago.

I see the senator-product endorsers as lame, and insecure political leaders who try to position themselves to the public eye in preparation to 2010. That’s my version of Santiago’s ‘early political campaign’ rants.

Rationalizing thier acts, Sen. Panfilo Lacson, one of senator-product endorsers, defended that he personally believed the product he endorse . The other senator-product endorsers said the same with Sen. Manuel Roxas claim that his endorsement is part of his advocacy to consuming public. Most of senator-product endorsers claimed that the do so voluntarily and without monetary returns.

The senator-product endorsers even accuse Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago of sour-graping, of being merely jealous for not being asked to endorse. That’s childish. Or maybe true.

Among the senators who have appeared in ads endorsing products or promoting their personal advocacies are:

  • Senate President Manuel Villar (a local toothpaste and his assistance to distressed Filipino migrant workers)
  • Senator Loren Legarda (face-whitening food supplement and her tree-planting campaign)
  • Senator Panfilo Lacson (Facial Care Center)
  • Senator Francis Pangilinan (instant noodles)
  • Senator Mar Roxas (detergent)
  • Senator Francis Escudero (food supplement)
  • Senator Richard Gordon (bath soap)
  • Senator Pia Cayetano (fabric softener)

The classic defense is the legality of thier endorsement. No one can argue on that. The ‘good’ senators – Senate President Manuel Villar, Senator Loren Legarda, Senator Panfilo Lacson, Senator Francis Pangilinan, Senator Mar Roxas, Senator Francis Escudero, Senator Richard Gordon, Senator Pia Cayetano – have all the legal rights to endorse a product. but as senators, they have moral and ethical obligations to the Filipino people. And because morals and ethics are quite relative, we will waste much time in discussion.

I personally dislike seeing some Philippines Senators in the 14th Congress posing as product endorsers. If given a chance, I will strip them the privilege to represent us and legislate for our nation. That’s too harsh though. But I insist, I have the power to do that – with my one vote. And my power can be exercised in 2010.

After 2010, I don’t like to see the President to appear on TV ads endorsing herbal supplements or bathroom tissue, nor instant coffee or beauty soap. There is already expressed and unexpressed intention of Senator Manuel Villar, Senator Loren Legarda, Senator Panfilo Lacson,  and Senator Mar Roxas to run as president in 2010.

I hope Senate President Manuel Villar, Senator Loren Legarda, Senator Panfilo Lacson, Senator Francis Pangilinan, Senator Mar Roxas, Senator Francis Escudero, Senator Richard Gordon, and others think many times that endorsing a product is showing bias to a certain product or company. Having bias may hurt the integrity of legislation and the Senate as an institution.

What the senator-product endorsers need is GOOD TASTE because thier ads are done in BAD TASTE. The chamber is not a venue of carnivals as the Temple not a venue for vices!

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