The Physics problem

Once I was pulled and remained at rest for minutes staring at one Physics problem! But certain forces called motivation keep on pushing until my senses gain the momentum and finally solved the Physics problem.

How far have I journeyed after almost one and half decade since I left my Physics class? How much I gained with all the efforts I exerted?

Since I left the Physics class of Mr. Zosimo Cabase, I always carry with me the solution to Physics problem. My heart always beats on the realization I gained from Physics problem.

Every problem has solution, our Physics teacher, Mr. Zosimo Cabase told us. I remembered his line because in silence I protested and told myself, ‘but the solution is a problem to me’. It’s amazing that such details are remembered.

There is no magic in Physics! But in our Physics class with Sir Cabase, there was certain magic which took me long to understand.

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The Experience of My First Teacher

Carrying the week supplies, some books and instructional materials, Nanay (as I called my mother) had to to walk along the rugged and narrow trails, crossing the mighty Salug River seven times before reaching barangay Paraiso, a mountain barangay in Mahayag.

My father sometimes accompany her. Sometimes, the barangay captain of Paraiso would pick her up in the Poblacion, along with her co-teacher.

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