The case of “Jan-Jan”, and his doctors and nurses in Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center (VSMMC) has gained overwhelming publicity. Almost everybody reacts. People are talking about it. Opinion writers are writing about it. Major broadcast networks are reporting about it. Filipino bloggers are blogging about it.

The case of “Jan-Jan” was rare. The operation to take out a perfume canister that had been inserted into Jan-Jan’s rectum was performed for the first time in VSMMC. Naturally, the medical professionals who were present during the operation were curious. But can curiosity turn to mockery? Rebelmind wrote:

Medical practitioners and trainees, more so lead doctors, need a strong sense of emotional control when faced with a situation like that one that occurred at the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center in January.

The operation was successful. Like the VSMMC administration, we must commend the surgical team for the successful operation.

But here is the mess. (I don’t like to use the word “scandal”) A video clip uploaded to YouTube and circulated through mobile phones showed the surgical team apparently making fun of Jan-Jan during the operation. The video showed the persons present in the Operating Room (OR) laughing, shouting, giggling; and some holding their mobile phones taking video.

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