With great joy, and with a heart with burning hope, spiced with little tick of fear and uncertainties, I spent 24 hours of my life to celebrate my serenity.

12:01 AM

I continue to work on the technical document I started early evening. No deviations, just work.  Aside from the sound of ticking clock, I hadn’t heard myself complaining on getting cold water for my coffee which supposed to be hot.

12:12 AM

Got my first SMS. It was a simple greetings from a person least expected.

2:18 AM

My keyboard got noisy and clicking of mouse became more forceful. But my beloved buddy still saw me smiling. My buddy even giggled when I changed my writer’s hat to software tester’s hat. This time I got hot coffee. And it was freaky good coffee!

3:30 AM

Why? My buddy asked, can’t you click and press with Phil Collins and David Pomeranz around? Of course  I can! I got my headset and play Asin’s Anak then Phil Collins’ You’ll be in my heart. So Stitches and Burn followed and Light and Shade queued. A healthy dose of Beautiful Girl; then I heard my self singing  Your Love with Outfield. The freaky coffee made me feel good.

4:16 AM

Another SMS. A friend remembered. But I had forgotten to get intomy playlist, My Girl, My Woman, My Friend. Some things are not meant for each other. Sad but true.

6:08 AM

Got many messages. I never replied one.

7:16 AM

I was in South Bus Terminal. Seemed like I don’t go back to where my journey began. My private moments began.

12:42 PM

I was glad to be back safely. Why not talk if talking help me forgot undesired moments that was bugging my mind and corrupted good moments?

7:03 PM

Got enough dose of solids. But she was around. The freaky coffee tempted me.

7:42 PM

The session began.

11:38 PM

I got a healthy dose of senseless dose. 24 was almost over but the breeze that will whisper to me expected message that I continually deny didn’t come.

11:59 PM

It didn’t still.

12:01 AM

It was over. Amnesia is a world problem! But I need a sleep. A rest. I don’t like to waste my emotion.

12:05 AM

My time to clean my mess.

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