Ethical Hacking

I just stumble the term, ethical hacking. The term get my attention when I learn that this year’s recipient of the prestigious Timothy Fidel Memorial Award is a Filipino. He is Alexandar Ramos, a computer forensic analyst of the Philippine National Police (PNP). He was awarded for his outstanding role and analysis of digital evidences in a multi-jurisdictional investigation involving 7,000 hacked PBX’s/voicemail systems worldwide.

Is hacking ethical? Or, does hacking becomes ethical?

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English Rules!

“English Rules!” was the motto of the Department of Languages and Literature of Blancia Carreon College where I used to serve as instructor.The striking line emerged when the “Speak to me in English” campaign was launched, making the entire campus an English speaking zone. The campaign was inspired by the government’s, as well as the institution’s concern on the deterioration of the use of English language.

I personally believe the great advantages of graduates who are proficient in English. But of course, skills are on top.

After I left my teaching profession, I haven’t heard much about the program. However, I am sure that the program sustained.

As classes start, I always recall the good old days when I was serving as moulder of the young minds.

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Forget the question, "What is blog?"

As I read the archived article, Just what is a blog, anyway? by Michael Conniff, in Online Journalism Review. I remember the reaction of a friend when I asked her if she has blog. What? What —- is that?

I had no ready answer. I said, blog is (for me) a journal online – though I was not sure of my answer.

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The Experience of My First Teacher

Carrying the week supplies, some books and instructional materials, Nanay (as I called my mother) had to to walk along the rugged and narrow trails, crossing the mighty Salug River seven times before reaching barangay Paraiso, a mountain barangay in Mahayag.

My father sometimes accompany her. Sometimes, the barangay captain of Paraiso would pick her up in the Poblacion, along with her co-teacher.

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