Moderating Sex

We can moderate greed. Can’t we moderate sex? It seems difficult. As many as those who can’t moderate sexual cravings are the commercial sex workers (CSW) who offer services preferred by customers. Many of them don’t mind the value of safe sex.

This may not be a national trend but the Mandaue City Health Office noted the rise of sexually transmitted infection (STI) cases. From 553 cases counseled and treated by Mandaue City Health Office in 2006, it ballooned to 867 cases in 2007. This is attributed to a number of unregistered or freelance commercial sex workers who practice their trade without or with little knowledge of safe sex. [Source: Sun Star Cebu]

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Erap in 2010: Aspire but cannot run

Members of a group called “Erap for 2010 President Movement” headed by certain Vince Avena reportedly pooled their money to print “ERAP 2010” stickers. The stickers are for nationwide distribution aimed to convince the Filipino people to support Erap’s presidential bid in the 2010 elections.

In Philippine Star report, Vince Avena said, “[t]o bring him (Estrada) back is to correct the wrong that we have suffered at the hands of anti-poor people. I am just an ordinary citizen who wants to help the Filipino people” The same report quoted Avena saying, “[a] true leader must have a true love for the masses, love for the people. We produced quite a number of ERAP 2010 stickers to campaign for his return to power. The ERAP for 2010 president movement is initiated by a group of friends who believe that Erap is the man we need to lift our country from poverty.”

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Lozada and Navarro: Too Harsh

I always prefer Jun Lozada to remain as credible witness than becoming a famous star. I think he has some pieces of valuable information that help us know the “truth” behind the controversial aborted NBN-ZTE deal. But these “pieces of information” spoiled the crying witness.

Teary-eyed, he revealed the “truth” he supposedly knew. Since then, he keeps his mouth open and sustains his big grin whenever people hailed him as “hero” – a messiah to some.

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Re-evaluating Lifestyle

Filipinos waste 14.4 million Pesos worth of rice a day.

This is based on the average of 16 grams or one-fourth cup of rice wasted by each person per day. This accounts for about 1,200 metric tons of wasted rice per day conservatively valued at 14.4 million Pesos per day, according to Food and Nutrition Research Institute of the Department and Science and Technology (FNRI-DOST).

Such astonishing figure makes me feel guilty.

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The Necessity of Rice

Rice is the most important staple crop in the Philippines, providing food for more than 80 million people. Rice has been part of Filipino diet and life that I cannot imagine the Philippines without it.

With the looming rice crisis due to tightening supplies and soaring prices, we have reasons to be alarmed. A United Nations aid official already warned that more Filipinos will go hungry as rice prices soar.

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